The European Commission may oblige the American network of restaurants of fast food McDonald’s to pay $500 million to the budget of Luxembourg. This reports the FT, citing the materials of the investigation Commission, which is in the order of publication.

It is noted that the European branch of McDonald’s in 2009 was paid to the EU budget of 1.49% taxes on profits of $1.8 billion while the amount of tax in Luxembourg, where the headquarters of the company was to be a 29.2% return.

In turn, McDonald’s representatives said that the company pays all required taxes and does not receive from States any privileges.

“We pay all required taxes and did not receive any preferences in their calculation. From 2011 to 2015, McDonald’s, with an average tax rate of 27%, paid in the European Union $2.5 billion,” added the company.

Last month the European Commission imposed tax penalty in the amount of €13 billion for Apple. The Antimonopoly office of the EC acknowledged that the tax agreement between the U.S. Corporation and the Ireland allows companies to minimize tax payments and violating the EU laws on state aid. The Commission continues to investigate the cases of providing companies tax incentives in the EU, allowing them to minimize tax payments. Now is the turn before the two American multinationals – McDonald’s and Amazon.

McDonald’s may be required to pay $500 million in taxes in Luxembourg 19.09.2016

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