“War photographer” Eduardo Martins never existed. He made pictures, his name and even his face – it was all a sham. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

“Martins was a crook who was stealing photos from professionals who really risked their lives in hot spots such as Iraq or Syria,” the report says.

He took pictures from real professionals and edited them in such a way that none of the software did not reveal plagiarism.

Thus, it long has been able to deceive at least 120 thousand of its subscribers in Instagram and even a major world media and agencies, in particular the BBC and Getty Images. News bought in Martins photos and did an interview with him.

“This is a private photo, he used a photo of a completely different person. 32-year-old blonde is a native of Sao Paulo, who in his early years he successfully overcame leukemia, took the camera and became a photographer who works in hot spots in the world – such way created a man,” the message reads.

They had their own methods: in social networks, he was contacted by journalists working for the world’s media, and presented a reporter and a UN volunteer.

“He never used the phone or Skype – communicate only through mesentery or email. And when it is not contacted, then chalked it up to bad Internet in a war zone,” – says the publication.

Doubts about Martins emerged after he met Brazilian journalist BBC Natasha Ribeiro, who lives in the middle East.

Interested in shiny reports Martins, in particular his story with pictures of the battles and everyday life of the Kurdish troops in Iraq. Ribeiro found that two other Brazilian journalists who at the same time worked in Iraq, never met with the Martins.

Not heard about him in the UN and other organizations, where he allegedly worked. After learning about the suspicions of the BBC, the scammer immediately deleted his page in Instagram. He also wrote to one of his friends that is in Australia and will travel the whole year of the world, off the Internet.

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Media: Brazilian “war photographer” for years to sell the wrong picture 07.09.2017

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