The President of the United States, Donald trump told the advisors that he intends to postpone, at least temporarily, closing the deal with Russia to combat Islamic state terrorists and other national security issues. About it reports AP referring to representatives of administration of trump and Western diplomats.

The revision of the Central principle of foreign policy of the President underscores the growing political risks in the establishment of closer relations with Russia, as the FBI investigates when members of his campaign staff in Moscow, and committees of Congress increasing pace of the investigation by Russia’s intervention in the 2016 elections.

Conflicting information about the meetings with the Russian Ambassador in the USA has already led to the resignation of the Secretary for national security Michael Flynn, and calls for the resignation of US attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions. New trump skepticism regarding the deal with Moscow also testifies to the growing influence of a new group of advisers who took a harder line against Russia, including Minister of defense James Mattis and the new national security adviser Herbert McMaster. According to the representative of the administration present at the meeting McMaster on his first meeting with the staff of the national security Council called Russia, like China, a country that wants to change the current world order.

European allies also are pushing the administration to trump not to do any early concessions to Russia. Foreign officials stress that the US position in the world may be worse if you make concessions to Russia, instead of focusing on the importance of the Alliance of the US and Europe to confront Russia.

At last week’s meeting in the oval office, trump told the councillors that the recent violation of Russia’s agreement on arms control was one of the complicating factors. In February, the administration trump has accused Russia of violating the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, signed in 1987, because of the placement of cruise missiles. A White house spokesman confirmed the conversation, saying that trump believes that the breach of contract makes the security agreement with Russia, “more and more difficult to achieve”.

March 3, U.S. President Donald trump has accused Democrats in the “witch hunt” for criticizing attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions, who tried to keep silent about contacts with the Russian Ambassador during the presidential campaign of 2016

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Media: trump intends to put a deal with Russia 04.03.2017

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