A member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Konstantin Usov said that the adoption of the “harmful to Ukraine” amendments to the PACE resolution could be to block, if the meeting of the Committee on education, science and media have not missed one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation Viktor Vovk, thus depriving Ukraine to vote. About this Moustache wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Thanks to the votes of Hungarians, Romanians and Moldovans, the PACE Committee on education, science and the media by eight votes to seven adopted a number of amendments that are harmful to Ukraine,” – wrote a Mustache.

According to him, the Ukrainian delegation did not have a single voice “to balance and to block Russian lobby and its harmful changes in the Committee.”

“Just the people’s Deputy of Ukraine from Radical party of Lyashko Viktor Vovk missed the Committee because it was scheduled for 8:30. Apparently too early in order to work. If wolf came to the Committee, as requested Vladimir Aryev, the final text of the resolution would be different. Thank handsome,” wrote a Mustache.

He believes that the resolution adopted today, PACE “is not terrible, although it could be a much more logical and correct.”

According to Irina Gerashchenko, the aggressive statements of some representatives of the Hungarian and Romanian delegations “can be seen as hidden territorial claims to Ukraine, and this is unacceptable.”

Also, the MP said, their rhetoric is an electoral character and is aimed at mobilising the electorate. About this Gerashchenko wrote on his Facebook.

The press service of the Radical party correspondent LIGA.net are unable to comment on the wolf. Phones specified in the identity of the wolf on the Council website, is not responsible.

Today in Strasbourg at the urgent debate in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, it was decided to urge Ukraine to consider when the implementation of the law on education “without exception,” recommendations of the Venice Commission on this document and to amend the law itself.

Member of the delegation to PACE: “bad edits” could block 12.10.2017

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