Gone in opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party CDU/CSU German social Democrats are not ready for entry into the German government, despite the failure of negotiations on creation of coalition with the participation of her party, liberals and “green”. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) Ralph Stegner, he “could not imagine” a situation in which the party will change its decision, writes the local Agency Deutsche Welle.

Moreover, Stegner stated that “sees the future” for Merkel, as she allegedly “suffered a final failure.”

While the SPD will not be included in Grand coalition with CDU/CSU even in the absence of Merkel. A representative of the social-Democrats also said that the responsibility for the failure to establish a ruling coalition rests on all four parties participating in the negotiations.

“Merkel, Ozdemir, Seehofer and Lindner failed, though they have for weeks told us that they want to organize everything as best as possible,” added Stegner.

The Chancellor “regretted” the failure of the negotiations. According to her, the CDU/CSU believed that going by reaching agreement with other political forces. The prospects for the creation of the new government of Germany now become misty, until the new elections in 2018.

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About his transition to the opposition SPD said immediately after the elections to the Bundestag, which took place in September 2017. Then the social Democrats under the leadership of Martin Schulz showed the worst result in the postwar era, having received only 20.5% of the vote.

First about the failure of negotiations on the creation of a new coalition last night announced the leader of the Free democratic party Christian Lindner, previously mess in the scandal with the Crimea.

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Merkel in Germany are unable to create a ruling coalition 20.11.2017

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