UK after leaving the EU will not have the same rights that I have with member countries of the block. This was said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Agency reports Deutsche Welle.

“I want to be clear about this, because I have the feeling that some British people still have illusions, but it’s a waste of time”, – said Merkel.

The German Chancellor called on London to engage in constructive dialogue with Brussels. Merkel said that during the negotiations between the EU and the UK over Brexit in the first place needs to be discussed financial obligations London to Brussels.

“We need to know what the UK sees a future relationship with us,” said the Chancellor.

29 March 2017 by the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may signed a letter sent to the European Union and informing him about the withdrawal of Britain from the composition. Thus may used 50-th article of the Treaty of Lisbon and launched the Brexit process.

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Merkel on Brexit: the British should not “illusions” 27.04.2017

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