Military instructor-volunteer Tzvi Arieli, who coached the Ukrainian military, said that to force Russia to withdraw from the Donbas can be “two ways”. He told this in an interview with the Apostrophe.

According to him, in the next year or two, nothing drastic in the Donbas will not change.

“In order for something radically changed, it is necessary to force Russia to abandon its aggressive intentions. This can be done by military means. The second variant of influence on Russia – diplomacy, political pressure. But the same Europe at this stage have no desire to stop trade with Russia. Although Europe was able to do it, I’m sure, even without the United States,” – said the instructor-volunteer.

Arieli added that “it is the position of the States all together until now”.

“It is the only country – a real strong ally of Ukraine. And for that we should say to the Americans thank you. But, again, the US is also unlikely to go to the end,” he said.

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Answering the question as it might affect a situation, the introduction of UN peacekeepers, instructor-volunteer said, “in two ways. Positively that will be killed less people. Negative – because it will freeze the conflict almost forever. Then it is better, I think, just to abandon these areas fully at the legislative level and rescue all those people who want to return to Ukraine, to give them the opportunity to seek employment, obtain housing, and so forth.”

He recalled that there is no precedent in modern world history that peacekeepers helped end the conflict.

“Peacekeeping is another wall just. There is no precedent in modern world history that peacekeepers helped end the conflict or to return any state-occupied territory,” – said Ariel.

3 January 2018, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, during a visit to Kiev said that the mandate of the armed UN peacekeeping mission should extend to the entire territory of Donbas.

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Military instructor said, how to force Russia to withdraw from the Donbass 11.01.2018

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