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The largest aircraft in the history of Airlander 10 made its first test flight. About it from the UK, where the trial took place, according to service Bi-bi-si.

Record aircraft with a length of 92 metres and weighing 20 tons, capable of speeds of 148 km/h, combines airplane and airship. The ceiling height for the “Samogitians” – about six kilometers.

According to engineers, the Airlander 10 can be in the air for up to five days and with a payload up to 10 tons, and landing on the water. According to the source, the device was originally designed ostensibly as a reconnaissance airship by order of the US government, but later the customers stopped funding.

Airlander was kept at the airport in Cardington, where it was tested many British airships in the 30-ies. In spring 2015 the British firm Hybrid Air Vehicles has launched a campaign to revive the plane of the airship.

The company argued that the Airlander 10 is a multi-purpose transport that can be used for reconnaissance and communication, and for humanitarian aid delivery or passenger transportation.

Press release, the company notes that their device is eight meters longer than the largest aircraft in the world – Ukrainian transport An-224 Mriya.

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