More than half of Britons wanted Britain to remain in the EU. This is evidenced by the data of poll of the sociological service BMG Research commissioned by the online publication the Independent published on 17 December, reports Deutsche Welle.

During the study, respondents were asked to answer the same question that was on the ballot in a referendum in June 2016: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the EU or leave the EU?”. To maintain membership in the Union, voted 51 percent of the British.

Brexit was supported by 41% of the population of the UK. Refused to answer the question 1% of respondents, and 7% responded “don’t know”.

According to The Independent, fixed advantage of the opponents of withdrawal from the EU over his supporters at the level of 10 points – the largest since the plebiscite.

At the same time, this advantage is associated primarily with the fact that this time for the preservation of places of great Britain the EU in favor of those who at the time did not participate in the referendum, said in BMG Research.

“With approximately nine out of ten then vote “for” or “against” Brexit changed your opinion,” – said in the press release of the sociological service.

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Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa may confirmed that Brexit will be held on March 29, 2019, the transition period will last no more than two years. During which, the Prime Minister said the UK would maintain access to EU markets.

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More than half of Britons are against Brexit – survey 17.12.2017

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