In the last quarter of this year, mortgages and car loans cheaper. Consumer loans increased in price. Of the 28 surveyed banks, credit 23. The total number of Bank-offered loan programs is 96.

The average interest rate on auto loans fell by 0.67 p. p. and is of 15.38% per annum. At the end of last quarter, loans rose by 0.08 p. p. Minimum bet offer OTP Bank (0,01 – 2,99%), Ukrgasbank (4,99%), with loan term up to 1 year. Auto loans involve more and car insurance, the cost of which ranges from 4 to 9% of the car.

The average cost of mortgages in the fourth quarter fell by 0.11 p. p., and is of 19.82% per annum. For the third quarter, the average rate declined by 0.97 PP

Consumer loans rose by 1.16 percentage points, the average interest rate is 38,66% per annum. In the last quarter, the average price rose by 1.33 p. p. Minimum rates mortgages offer Kredobank (17,9%), Oschadbank (20 and 49%). Megabank and the Bank Pivdenny offer 22% on the security Deposit. The maximum bet offer cash loans without collateral: OTP Bank (122%) Concord Bank (98,55%), MTBank (82,8). The average interest rate on overdrafts in the fourth quarter increased by 0.36 p. p. and is 33,13% per annum. In the third quarter of their value increased by 0.19 p. p.


When writing material was investigated 23 banks, 96 loan programs
data as of 27.12.17

Mortgage rates and car loans have decreased 27.12.2017

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