Mother-in-law of the head of the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) Natalia Korchak locked himself in the apartment of the detective of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), who came to give her a summons for questioning. About it reports a press-service of NABOO.

“November 10, 2017 in the framework of investigation proceedings on the fact of possible introduction of false data in the electronic Declaration by the Chairman of the National Agency for prevention of corruption detective NABOO arrived at the place of residence of relatives of the Chairman of the NAPC, with the aim of presenting the agenda to come in for questioning”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the relative Korczak expressed a desire to have her interviewed on the spot and invited the detective to come into the apartment. However, after questioning a representative of NABOO, she called her son (husband of the head of the NACP – ed.) and after the negotiations refused to sign the Protocol. Closing believe inside, hid the key and the detective could not get out.

“While he was in the apartment arrived at the scene, the Chairman of the NACP along with her husband and informed the workers of NABOO from the outside, that will cause the scene to the media. The staff of the Bureau has caused 102 and to any use of force is not resorted” – as reported.

At the moment, according to NABU, the detective left the apartment of the mother of the husband of the head of the NACP.

The interrogation connected with the investigation of NABOO, which started on October 5 and applies to new cars Skoda Octavia A7, which probably belongs to Natalia Korchak, but it is not specified in the electronic Declaration of official.

November 10, in the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office saw in the public squabbles of the leaders of NABOO and NACP personal conflict. In particular, SAP bolaget that the Director of the Bureau Sytnyk can settle accounts with the head of the national Agency Natalia Korchak. Your concerns about the tension between top officials of the prosecutors stated in an open letter to Facebook.

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Mother-in-law of the head of the NACP locked at home detective NABS 11.11.2017

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