Agricultural holding Mriya plans in 2018 to invest in the development of $15 million, announced at the presentation of the outcome of the company in 2017, the operating Director of holding Andrey Grigorov correspondent

According to Grigorov, $10.9 million will be used to invest in crop production, $0.4 million in elevators, of $2.7 million in development land Bank and $1 million for other investment projects such as infrastructure, optimization of business processes.

He noted that by the end of 2018 Mriya intends to complete the re-signing of land lease agreements with the shareholders. The bulk of the agreements with the shareholders had already signed. Today the land Bank Mriya is 165 thousand hectares, of which, according to Grigorov, the processing in 2018 is planned of 151.5 thousand hectares.

Mriya has also planned a major upgrade of the technology Park. In 2018 for $10.8 million the company intends to purchase 28 tractors of different power, six seeders, 10 cultivators, plough couple, four loaders of grain, five spreaders, seven mixers, 16 storage tanks for liquid fertilizers and 59 units of vehicles and equipment for application of liquid fertilizer and precision irrigation.

Just 2018-2020 year Mriya intends to invest in the development of a technology Park and equipment more than $36 million In 2017, the amount of investment in equipment was $10.7 million

As reported, the dream, agreed to debt restructuring.

Mriya operates on the Ukrainian market since 1992. Since 2008 the company shares are traded on the platform of the Frankfurt stock exchange. At the end of 2013, the agricultural holding has received a net profit of $88.5 million, which is almost two times less than in 2012.

In August 2014, Mriya reported overdue payment of about $9 million of interest income and $120 million in debt on its obligations. Total debt Mriya in front of all financial creditors with regard to safeguards, provided a family-related Guta companies, at the time of default was approximately $1.3 billion.

In January 2015 operational control over the agricultural holding is transferred to the creditors who elected the new leadership of the company.

Mriya plans to expand Zembank and upgrade industrial Park 22.11.2017

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