The first heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy private American company SpaceX has been delivered for final Assembly and filling on launch pad LC-39A Space center Kennedy at Cape Canaveral in Florida. It on her Instagram, posting several photos of her, said CEO Elon Musk.

In less than a day this entry in his microblog liked about half a million users.

The debut launch of the Falcon Heavy is scheduled for January 2018, exact date to be later.

That SpaceX is developing super-heavy rocket, Musk announced in spring 2011 with an eye under start in 2013, but the completion and first run many times since then have been postponed.

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The cost per launch of around $90 million.

A two-stage rocket with a length of 70 meters and a diameter of 3.7 m will be able to deliver up to 64 tons of cargo into low reference orbit (200 km above sea level), up to 27 t – on a geotransfer orbit (200 to 35.8 thousand km), and up to 17 tons to Mars and 3.5 tonnes on Pluto.

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As “normal” rocket company Falcon 9 heavy rocket is equipped with a system of multiple usage of the sustainer stage and side boosters (which are restored first stage of the Falcon 9).

As fuel rocket uses kerosene RP-1, and the oxidizer is liquid oxygen.

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Musk showed a photo of a super-heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy: the short run 21.12.2017

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