Naftogaz of Ukraine was deprived of the right to develop Budischanskaya-Cotovscoe, Obolon and Pisarevsky gas-bearing areas. The corresponding decree of November 14, made the Appeal administrative court of Kyiv, which left in force the decision in September the decision of the District administrative court.

As reported by EP, the cancellation of special permits for subsoil use Naftogaz carried out on the initiative of the State service of Geology and subsoil to which a petition in 2016, addressed the deputies of the Poltava regional Council.

At about this time a letter of similar context came to the Ministry of ecology and natural resources, who oversees Geology, from the people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin.

The Caplin calls the Providence of hydrocarbons “non-core to the activities of Naftogaz”.

The formal reason for the decision about the cancellation of three permits Naftogaz is the failure of the programme of work in the fields.

In the NAC is associated with delayed approval by the Cabinet of the financial plans of the company, due to which there was a failure in the financing of field development.

Budischanskaya-Kotowska, Obolon and Pisarevskaya is the only licensed area for gas production in the disposal of “Naftogaz”.

For 5 years the preparation of these territories to mining, Naftogaz has invested more than UAH 600 million.

Naftogaz has denied three gas fields 15.11.2017

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