In 2017, the profitability in the Ukrainian plant is expected to reach 25.3 per cent, almost half (-43%) lower compared to the indicators for 2016 this was stated by the Director of the National scientific center Institute of agrarian economy, academician of NAAS lupenko, the press service of the Institute.

The most cost-effective in 2017 will be the production of hops, berries, grapes and canola, and corn – oats, and buckwheat.

The profitability of grain production will decrease compared with last year almost twice and will amount to 20.8%, said Lupenko.

The profitability of oats in 2017 can be expected at 51%, 34.4% last year and 21.5% in 2015

The level of profitability of buckwheat will continue to decline from 100% in 2015 of 87.5% in 2016 to 42.9% this year.

The profitability of rice will increase against last year’s 1.2 times and will amount to 40.7 percent.

The profitability of barley production will increase by almost 1.6 times – from 25.4% last year to 39.5%.

Continue to grow the profitability of wheat production – 34.2% versus 31.7% in the last year, and the rye – up to 30.8% at 24.6 per cent in 2016.

Almost twice in comparison with indicators 2016 projected decrease in profitability of sorghum to 12.9%, three times that of millet, the profitability of which is expected at the level of 11.3%.

Most will decrease the profitability of production of peas, which last year reached a record level of 76.8%. In 2017 it will be reduced 7.5 times, and will amount to 10.3%.

The profitability of corn for grain will be reduced 5.5 times and will amount to 8.3%, from 50.3% in 2015 and 45.7% in 2016

Among the oilseed crops will continue the upward trend in the profitability of rapeseed production. According to the forecast of scientists of the Institute of agrarian economy, its profitability will increase to 58.8% against 44.9% in 2016 and 44.3% in 2015.

Will continue the trend of decreasing profitability of sunflower production – from 80.5 per cent in 2015 and 63% in 2016 – up to 30.8%, i.e. more than double against the previous year.

The profitability of soybeans can be reduced by half compared with the figures of 2016 and to be 25,4%.

The profitability of sugar beet production will decrease compared to last year’s result by almost 4 times – up to 6.1%.

The profitability of potato production last year was unprofitable (-3,2%), increased to 35.2%.

The level of profitability of production of vegetables will decrease from 19.7% in 2016 from 7.4% this year. The production of vegetables in greenhouses, where profitability last year was 7.7 percent, will increase to 10.9%.

Will continue the trend of increasing profitability melon food crops – from 17.1% in 2016 to 36.2% this year.

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The profitability of fruit production will decrease compared to last year (12.0 percent) is nearly 4.3 times and will be 2.8%.

Profitability of berries, which last year grew by nearly 1.2 times and exceeded in 2015, amounting to 104%, decreasing to 70.5%.

Profitability of grape production will continue to decline – from 102.3% in 2015 and 74.6% in 2016 – to 51.2% this year.

The profitability of hops is projected at 83.0 per cent against 100,4% in 2016

Although in 2017 the level of profitability of the majority of crops will decrease, which is due to the stabilization of inflationary processes in the domestic economy, production of all types of crop production will be profitable, summed up Lupenko.

Earlier it was reported that in 2017 the total loss of crop of fruits, berries and nuts due to adverse weather conditions amounted to approximately 800 thousand tons In monetary terms is about 8-10 billion UAH.

Named the most profitable crops in Ukraine 21.11.2017

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