CEO of the American exchange Nasdaq, specializing in high-tech stocks, adena Friedman said that the exchange has not spread cryptographic tokens to raise capital, writes CoinDesk.

“I would say that ICO is way ahead of its time. Nasdaq is not inclined to work with such things,” she said, addressing the conference on Financial Markets Quality at Georgetown University.

In her opinion, the interests of investors who buy tokens that are protected poorly. And the standards of disclosure among companies operating in the field of blockchain, not high enough.

Comments Adena Friedman are consistent with the statement of the head of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton. He noted that the ICO are often used in speculative schemes and slows the development of their underlying technology. However, he occupies the position of “cautious optimism” on the issue of catching fraudsters in this area.

Note that Nasdaq takes an active role in the development of technologies of the distributed registry. In 2015, the exchange creates a new capital market for startups. In addition, the exchange operator sent many patent applications for inventions with the use of the blockchain.

ICO is carried out through the distribution of cryptographic tokens to attract capital from the widest possible range of investors. This allows blockchain startups to simplify the process of attracting investment. With all the advantages ICO attracts kolichestvo scams and, as a consequence, the attention of regulators.

Earlier it was reported that the US Federal reserve is considering the possibility of licensing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Well-known investment Fund Satoshi Fund opens representative office in United States dollars for the ICO.

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Nasdaq is not willing to work with ICO 13.10.2017

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