To combat the terrorist group Islamic state of NATO it is necessary to use reconnaissance aircraft such as AWACS. The lack of reconnaissance aircraft in the middle East will be covered by the aircraft, which NATO has recently strengthened its Eastern flank. It is reported by DW with reference to the news Agency dpa.

Aircraft are not enough to perform the missions planned US against the capacity of the IG. In General, we are talking about the need 720 hours of reconnaissance flights.

At the disposal of NATO in Eastern Europe are only 16 AWACS aircraft. NATO aircraft guard the airspace of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania because of concerns of these countries regarding the possible hybrid offensive from Russia similar to that which led to the war in the Donbas and the occupation of the Crimea. The concerns were backed up by repeated violations of the airspace of the Baltic States by Russian aviation.

On 20 July, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called the terrorist group Islamic state and Russia are the major challenges for the Alliance.

NATO to withdraw AWACS aircraft from the Baltic States to fight ISIS 27.08.2016

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