The national police of Ukraine has disabled the ability of sending messages using a mobile app My police.

About it on Facebook page wrote the head of the project Dmitry Podvorchanska.

“In a time when we are going to present our product on the most prestigious show in the world, telling how our country improves the functioning of the police technology, we just switch off. We demand explanations, the public, and I think I have this right,” he writes.

The app’s creators are trying to figure out the cause and restore the service.

We will remind, now the Police are beginning to work in the Dnieper river in August 2016, the service was able to expedite the police response time by almost 40%. With the app, the call went immediately to the server and it worked as Internet presence, and without.

In August 2017, the head of national police Sergey Knyazev, Chairman of the Association “Noosfera” Mikhail Ryabokon Dmitriy Podvorchanska signed a cooperation agreement, according to which, this service should extend to all of Ukraine.

It was planned that by the end of 2017 the mobile app will begin to operate in six oblasts: Vinnytsya, Dnipropetrovsk, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne and Chernivtsi. Until today, the app worked in Chernivtsi, Rivne, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk and the city of the Dnieper.

Natspolitsiya stopped working with the app My police 29.11.2017

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