National Commission exercising the state regulation of communications and Informatization (NCCIR) proposes to amend the procedure for registration of subscribers receiving telecommunications services without a contract in writing.

As the press service of NCCIR, the initiative aims to simplify the identification procedures for subscribers and for market operators.

The regulator notes that with the development of the digital economy identify the subscribers of telecommunication services is becoming an important component of not only market development, but also the formation of an effective security system for the protection of personal data of users.

“Already, many use Internet banking, get account statement balances on their mobile phones, ordered goods and services over the Internet. However, there are growing risks of fraud. There are a few situations where, in the case of theft of the phones, the memory of which was entered personal data, there are problems with Bank accounts. Assuming that 95% of subscribers in Ukraine will receive telekomuslugi anonymously, the problem takes on a national character,” say the authors.

Given these circumstances, the NCCR proposes to simplify the mechanism of registration of the subscribers by introducing, in particular, the ability to apply remotely (electronically) with the use of digital signatures and limiting the list of data that needs to be given to the operator. A sample of such statements will be posted on the websites of operators and providers. In addition, the revised arrangements will provide for the possibility of registration of the subscribers who are not citizens of Ukraine. Despite the fact that most subscriber numbers today are “tied” to specific individuals using banking services, the telecommunications operators is just a formality that will create the conditions for the application reliable protection of subscribers from fraudulent schemes.

To the NCCRI noted that for the preparation of the corresponding draft decision of the NCCIR were conducted prior consultations with market operators and the relevant public organizations.

The Commission plans soon to adopt the proposed draft as a basis and to publish it for public comment.

NCRC proposes to simplify the procedure of identifying the subscriber 28.04.2017

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