The National anti-corruption Bureau claim that MP Oleksandr onyschenko is not transferred to the Agency records that contain information about the alleged bribery of MPs in the Verkhovna Rada. This was at the briefing said the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik, the correspondent ЛІГА.net.

He noted that the proceeding was commenced, to give the opportunity Onishchenko to provide records, of which he spoke. According to Sytnik, no more concrete information after public statements from Bureau Onishchenko has not received.

“So when I ask, have these records or not, I’m saying that I don’t know. I know about their existence only from the words of mister Onishchenko” he said.

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Sitnic also noted that Onishchenko still have a chance to transfer records to NABOO. Answering a question, whether offered Onishchenko to transfer records to NABOO, Sytnik said: “He makes suggestions, then changes his mind. He said, “Let us talk, I’ll tell you everything”. Talked. Nothing said”.

According to Sytnik, the notes are intended to politicize the matter Onishchenko. “Now all wondering what was on the tapes, and forget that the 3 billion the government lost on this scheme”, – he explained.

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June 29, 2016 in the Parliament granted the idea to attract Onishchenko to criminal liability. Taking advantage of parliamentary immunity, he left Ukraine to go to Russia and later to the UK. 6 October, SAP announced that in Russia sent an extradition request Onishchenko.

December 1, in the SBU said that the actions of Onishchenko, there are signs of treason, as the Deputy has received the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in exchange for cooperation with the Russian authorities to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

December 8 in the NAB called Onishchenko transfer of the Bureau stated “compromising” on Poroshenko, and 22 December, the Bureau and the ARS held videotapes fugitive MP. 12 Jan 2017 Holodnitsky said Onishchenko, who said that he had some “dirt on Poroshenko”, the interrogation officers of the investigation is almost nothing useful in the case said.

No “films Onishchenko” NABOO didn’t receive Sytnik 31.01.2017

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