Malaysia, which until recently was one of the “friends” North Korea, completely banned the import of North Korean goods in the international enforcement efforts of the totalitarian regime in Pyongyang to end the development of nuclear missile programs. This is with reference to the documents of the Department of statistics of Malaysia, writes Reuters.

After purchasing about $4.89 mln in equivalent U.S. currency for the first five months of 2017, Malaysia has ceased trade relations with North Korea in June and July, the country does from the DPRK were not imported.

“Malaysia has been a key source of income for the North. The citizens of both countries could enjoy the visa-free regime, as in Malaysia, employed hundreds of North Koreans. But more importantly, the country was a place through which the regime in Pyongyang has received foreign money. Earlier, in 2017, Reuters wrote that the North Korean foreign intelligence service from Kuala Lumpur coordinated the operations on the arms trade”, – reports the Agency.

Shortly before the ban on the import of Malaysia purchased from Pyongyang batch of coal – almost immediately after the refusal of his stated in China.

The US state Department in response to journalistic inquiry said that “Malaysia has assured US that there is nothing more to import from the DPRK will not”. Malaysian Ministry of Commerce did not respond to a request.

Despite the cessation of purchases from North Korea, Malaysia continues to sell this country are palm oil, chemical products, medical equipment, and other products.

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In March 2017 relations between Malaysia and the DPRK escalated after the assassination in the airport of Kuala Lumpur’s half-brother, Kim Jong-UN. After that, Malaysia expelled the North Korean Ambassador. In September, the official Kuala Lumpur banned Malaysians to visit the DPRK.

3 September 2017, the DPRK experienced supposedly not the “classic” nuclear bomb, a hydrogen (thermonuclear). A week later in the United Nations voted for new sanctions against North Korea, which include a complete ban on the export of textiles and restrictions on the purchase of the DPRK, oil products, and the restriction of imports of crude oil. North Korea threatened that sanctions will only accelerate its nuclear program.

The initial version of the draft UN resolution called for a complete embargo on all deliveries of oil to North Korea and the freezing of assets of North Korean dictator abroad.

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No longer friends: ex-ally of the DPRK has refused the goods the northerners 13.10.2017

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