South Korea is preparing for a new missile test by North Korea this Saturday, when the DPRK will celebrate its Foundation day. About it reports Reuters.

It is reported that every year, the DPRK celebrates the feast of a massive parade of military equipment. Last year, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test, on 9 September.

Reuters writes that for the entire week, South Korean officials warned that the North may launch a Intercontinental ballistic missile in defiance of UN sanctions and the aggravation of confrontation with the United States.

Last year, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test, on 9 September.

It is also said that the South Korean experts on nuclear weapons issues that test the level of contamination, said Friday that they identified small traces of radioactive xenon gas, but it may not be associated with the test on 3 September.

Xenon – a colorless gas that occurs naturally and is used in the production of certain lamps. The experts said the discovery of xenon-133, a radioactive isotope that is not found in nature, and was previously associated with the nuclear tests of North Korea.

On the morning of 3 September, Pyongyang announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb capacity of 100 kt. China once again “strongly condemned” a nuclear test of Pyongyang, and the President of the United States Donald trump wrote on Twitter that “talking won’t help” and that Eun – “understands only one.”

Later, the White house said the US is prepared to use nuclear weapons. The Pentagon said that Washington “does not seek the complete destruction” of North Korea, but “there are a lot of options for how to do it.” The U.S. Treasury is developing new sanctions, involving a gap of any trade and business ties with other countries in trading with the DPRK.

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North Korea could make another rocket launch this Saturday – Seoul 09.09.2017

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