Japan recorded the radio signals, indicating possible preparation of the next North Korea to launch a ballistic missile. This is with reference to a source in the Japanese government, according to Reuters.

However, in Tokyo note that such signals are not unusual, and the satellite images of the territory of the DPRK there is no evidence of any current military activity.

“This is not enough to determine (will launch soon),” – said the source.

According to information from the Japanese media, the signals may be associated with winter exercises North Korean military.

Sources in the US government say that a regular missile tests are to be expected from Pyongyang in the near future, although Washington does not yet have the latest intelligence on this occasion.

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At the same time in the us intelligence community pay attention that the DPRK has repeatedly deliberately filed misleading signs of the alleged preparation for a missile and nuclear testing. This was done with the aim partly to disguise the real cooking, in part to test the US intelligence and its allies.

Earlier in November 2017, the South Korean intelligence suggested that by the end of this year Pyongyang will complete the development of equipment that will allow Intercontinental ballistic missiles, the DPRK to reach mainland USA.

North Korea could prepare a new rocket launch: Japan caught signals 28.11.2017

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