In response to a serious tightening of UN sanctions for continuing the militarization of North Korea in Pyongyang, not only did not abandon the development of nuclear-missile program, but also promised to speed it up. Statement of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the DPRK published a propaganda resource of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

“Because the scheme States that hinder the development of the DPRK aimed to disarm it with unprecedented sanctions and pressure, as well as to conquer the country of nuclear weapons, became obvious to us, we will redouble efforts to strengthen its forces to ensure the country’s sovereignty, for the right to existence, peace and security in the region,” writes KCNA.

To do this in Pyongyang going “by establishing practical parity with the United States.”

North Korea made fun of the fact that the UN has decided that the test of a hydrogen bomb, which the DPRK allegedly unable to equip Intercontinental ballistic missile, is “a threat to international peace and security.”

“The so-called resolution of the fabricated US who were not ashamed to apply the most heinous and vicious means and methods,” – said in Pyongyang.

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3 September 2017, the DPRK experienced supposedly not the “classic” nuclear bomb, a hydrogen (thermonuclear).

A week later in the United Nations voted for new sanctions against North Korea, which include a complete ban on the export of textiles and restrictions on the purchase of the DPRK, oil products, and the restriction of imports of crude oil. The initial version of the draft UN resolution called for a complete embargo on all deliveries of oil to North Korea and the freezing of assets of North Korean dictator Kim Jong UN abroad.

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North Korea in response to sanctions: will Redouble efforts on its nuclear program 13.09.2017

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