Pyongyang made another statement due to the tightening of UN sanctions: North Korea threatened nuclear attacks on the United States and Japan, as well as the need to “disband the useless UN security Council”. The statement of the authorities of the DPRK issued today, September 14, at the site of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, “on behalf of an angry people and the army”.

“The army and people of the DPRK in unison demand that the Yankee chief culprit in the preparation of the sanctions resolution – clubbed to death like a mad dog. Yankees – the eternal enemy and a pack of wolves, which will never be peace, as they of centuries of massacre and executions of the Koreans,” said the KCNA.

In Pyongyang many years say that “there is a limit to patience,” and that “the time has come to annihilate the aggressors, the imperialists and gangsters”.

“Turn the mainland United States in ash and darkness. Let off steam in the mobilization of all the funds that we were prepared,” reports KCNA.

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The same rhetoric in North Korea has applied to Japan, used a few insulting adjectives to show the level of hatred.

“The Japanese need to strike a decisive blow while they are still not recovered after the recent flight of ICBMs over their archipelago. The four Islands have to disappear into the abyss after the nuclear bombing of Juche. The existence of Japan with us is no longer necessary”, – consider in Pyongyang.

In relation to its southern neighbors on the Peninsula rhetoric does not change: “we must destroy the puppet regime to the entire Korean nation could reunite in the name of peace and for achievements.”

“The UN security Council has become a tool that serves US and only follows their instructions. It is a tool of evil, which not only ensures peace on the planet, but it does the opposite. So useless on need to dissolve,” – believe in the DPRK.

North Korea has called the new UN sanctions “rotten network, which we do not hold”. “The dogs bark, the caravan goes”, they stressed.

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North Korea: Japan no longer needed to drown her in the depths of a nuclear strike 14.09.2017

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