The police security service is Norway’s PST says that in 2015 Russia carried out a special operation with involvement of special services to interfere with the award of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Nobel peace prize. About it reports Deutsche Welle with reference to the Norwegian state broadcasting company NRK.

As the Director of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Olav Engelstad, in the summer of 2015 it asked for a meeting with two employees of the Russian Embassy. They took Galstad and research Director of the Nobel Institute of the ASL Too. They also appealed to PST, thinking that this may be an attempt to influence them.

The Norwegian intelligence service found that one of the Russians – the officer of the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. Employee PST Arne Christian Haugsdal said that the visit of the Russians leaders of the Nobel Committee was a part of an operation designed to influence their decision.

The visit occurred two weeks after the Pro-Russian news sites and bloggers have circulated a fake letter on behalf of Vladimir Groisman, who was then speaker of the Parliament, in the name of the chargé d’affaires of the USA in Norway. The letter said that Poroshenko is important to guarantee the awarding of the Nobel prize.

The official Russian news Agency Sputnik published an article outlining the contents of the letter titled “Ukraine presses on US to provide Poroshenko Nobel peace prize?”.

Fellow Norwegian intelligence believes that by false news and fake letters trying to discredit a potential candidate for the peace prize.

“In this situation, we believe, the purpose was to ensure that Poroshenko will not be a candidate for the Nobel peace prize,” he says.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee believe that the Russian special operation could be aimed at discrediting Poroshenko, and on the view in a bad light by the Committee itself. It does not exclude that Moscow pursued both goals simultaneously.

Russian Embassy in response to the request of the broadcaster described the visit of the Norwegian Nobel Committee “routine diplomatic work”, and in the activity of PST in this episode saw signs of paranoia.

The Nobel peace prize in 2015 has received a political organization “Quartet for the national dialogue in Tunisia”.

Norway said the attempt by the Federation to influence the Nobel Committee 28.01.2017

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