Despite the success in the confrontation with the terrorist organization Islamic state, the jihadists continue to pose a serious threat, can carry out terrorist attacks and to inspire in them those who are sympathetic to the radicals. This was stated by President Barack Obama, writes Reuters.

According to the American leader, the military campaign of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA has produced results, and the militants in the Middle East “is not as strong as before.” Obama, however, expressed concern that the jihadists will now focus attention on the attacks outside of Syria and Iraq, mainly in France, Turkey and Bangladesh.

“The likelihood that they can carry out attacks to kill people, or at the level of cells or militants singles, real… Their network is now more active in Europe than here, but we may not know everything, and therefore I admit that in the U.S. there are cells that can be activated,” he said.

Obama believes that Washington can hurt himself if the White house will take rash and ill-considered decisions: for example, if the scope of the confrontation with the militants will kill civilians, or if US policy will be to imagine what is happening in the world as “the clash of civilizations – the West and Islam”.

“It will be in the hands of the Islamic state and a distorted interpretation of Islam, which they advertise,” said he, adding: – In fact, they will inevitably be defeated.”

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Obama suggested that soon the rebels will lose control of their stronghold in the Syrian city of raqqa and Iraq – Mosul.

According to him, over the past year, ISIS was unable to conduct any large-scale offensive operations in Syria and Iraq, and thanks to the efforts of the coalition, the number of militant groups made up of at least two years.

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Obama: the Extremists of the Islamic state will inevitably lose 05.08.2016

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