The musician Oleh Skrypka not prijavu so gromadyanska posits for everyone knows, what does kluczowym patanam for the country. In nterv th pid hour Internet Konferenz in Violin respown about those scho need, dwellers of zdelati agresor in the cultural prostor Ukraine, scho VIN Duma about gastrol wykonawcow of Ukrainian in Russia, and also the Choma festival “Kraina Mriy” can not Budisa tsogo rock. (Povna video Conferenc dives here). Rozmowa recorded before Yak Salahov so the title “ghetto fight”. That mi could not capitate after conferenz about those, that visnovki zrobiv rocker s, scho steel.

– Now, if Satya scandal navkolo frasi about the ghetto for quiet, hto not Staten viviti Ukrainian Loma, – that visnovki VI zrobili? Chi scout about the legend? Chi waiae scho the word “ghetto” in zastosowan to move policy – TSE more than just newdale polemonii hint?

The people that invented the I Draginovo Tsey scandal hotel in Chergui raskolotki our times]. Ale viyavilos, I debate Bula potrebna Ukraine. About TSE swit shalennyi , rathalos. Vaughn allowed meni osobisto I millionam ukraïntsiv vdcti own calinou Ukrayinsky world. Ukrainians, that skladate have derjav blesst, vimagati of pavage schodo so culture I mtie. MOV – based derjavnost. Lachey otherjuicy , we are together zbogum sviy Svit Ukrainian. Waiau scho our power got nadati ukrainzam more of mozhlivosti panuvati ridnu movu. Ale yakscho part gromadyan not SDATA . viviti, the stench Sami himself prikaati on asialo term. For great pity, I became mshengu patoine propagandists zbroï Susano powers, Yak takozh uspsa vigarista our n’yatu column. Zi side NASA powers – tradicin nedolast I bagust to their gromadyan I problems. Hello I neimovirna Udachny wide ptrim mAh friends I Veliko clast ukraïntsiv, that I SDAT, stvoriti that beautiful quetico kraïnu about Yak mi VSI mrmo.

– VI Narovlia in Tajikistan, utilise in CIV, next perekali to Franz, and there is, as said in one z interv Yu steel ukrncem. You pdshoppro scho to tsogo I naslite TSE is important – dentify yourself Yak sincere Ukrainian?

– Franz I paranasa such avisem Yak Francuski pobutovi patriotism. There Ter je Ura-patrati, I often kritikuyut. Yea populist stink Boule action after Drogo swova wine I later discreditable de franzuskogo patriotism. The stench has long held those scho mi tilki perezhivem at a time. At a time have Franz sustrum of pobutovih neprimetny patriotiv. Hto sdit to Franz, surely iz CIM znajomi. If you have Franz tee will though namahatta say francuskog movoyu for you vgcreate ( VSI apartment is in good condition, progress and prospects. Thus the Frenchman – not resisti, the stench duzhe otkrit to NSIH cultures. Ale Basov way – MOV, culture, story – sahasauto not camillucci. I paranasa CIM, pokey alive at Franz, I sprobuvav to move to our Ukrainian runt. Mi zaraz szukam Patrice I Poveri vsogo world, I devmo, if to us to tabletsa powernova. Naprawd, Yak to us stabilise seryozno, if VSI bacati scho mi Sami itself is not povezav, Sami not znamo his story not Zahidov MOV hi, hi culture, hi area.

– We have nedostatek tsogo pobutovogo patriotism?

– Yogo no. , tilki crinos. One of them – Glyboka vatnet, Yak Yak pronica just argue for the all terior. We absolutely all the same, the yakoy movoyu say ale say the same of Camus rosiyskoyu, not ukraïnskoyu. TSE Nashi podvin standardized. Not bagato hto Rozum scho got booty in er Ukrainska mova ( not AKS there galugin 25-35%. Z hogo Bock – je pocasni patriotism s side of Vladi, which often zakonchatsya pafosnye words.

– Naslite smoothly ukrainskomu artistov, especially yakscho VIN Newcome wide total, ABO artist s nestandartnym product, poterpite on the radio?

– Molodim artists not fluently, just nemozhlyvo. For me obviously, but for suspilstva, perhaps, hi, – vdbase poslan blockade ukraïnskoï music. Navti vdoma wykonawca. Not kazhuchi vzhe about molodih. H, likely, men, that primaute rsena about EFI, just not slugout. For this reason Stalag musicians to lie, but they are not swartout uwagi. Only a small zavdyaki CIM datcom quotas on radio z’yavylasya NSA ukraïnskoï music. I let them no everything dotronulsya quote, but still TSI methods prinosjat result. TSE duzhe good. Ale on ciogodnichnyu day nformation swem pokey rule telebachennya, and s him, the situation catastrophy. I feel, that noworry EFRAG Bulo vsogo 2% Ukrayinsky product, and TSE – record- as balansul on run 4-8%.

– VI nabolaget on neophot of protestati the rosiysky cultural colonialsm. At chomu VIN proyavlyaetsya I Yak yomu of protestati?

– Sotn years mi pereboeva pid gnom Russie, scho tsya spochatku Sunna problem now let us glyboke roots. Although, bezumovno, TSE avise seryozno pcislots stown. Perche than versity scho are Robit, mi povinn of postaviti the right diagnosis. And potim vinciti polst steps: scho mi Robina. My strategy, my Dumka – mi povinn pobuduvati sviy informazini I kulturni space. Now VIN is not of formovani. Mi still zhivemo to rosiysky informazioa slap I to dosit secret from Urope, USA, kazhuchi vzhe about Flattered, Moldova, Rumunu, Belarus.

– Naslite smylee your stavlennia to italv Donbas after concerts in Svidovetsky I NSIH mstah region? Chi need to fight for italv ORDO, prosavage ukraïnsku culture and music?

– Stavlennia not smylee, that scho I buvav in Donbas often. Mi Mali will velicescu number fans. For example, in 2013 year, in parallel z Tim, Yak razvivatsa independence I nasrala viyna, mi Buli in tour, prohal iz entering Ukraine on the East. I nippls concert we have Buli sama in Lugansk and Donetsk. In CNC leaf – in the beginning grudnia 2013 in us Boule Sabit zali, I nibelle people have vishivanka prishli to the concert in Donetsk.

Steel those scho steel. Of course, now z CIM is required to fight the first renovated, I kulturnymi methods. Culture methods not tak patn I not Shvidko give the result, then the stench smut the situation fundamentally. Duzhe dobre, scho Artisti zdati on Skhid, we takozh duzhe bagato tvortsovo I cultural volunteering. VSI moï znaim, associates, colleagues on festival Kraina Mriy I Rock Sich sdate in the area ATO s vistupali, and, Porte, TSE is important.

Vie takozh sdite I bizv to the ATO.

– In the beginning wine Nashi soldiers were pereboleli in nformation vakuum’t know for scho I who are fighting. After I skin you battle spirit Soldatu – visit. Warriors seem to be: not required to us your sumna songs, is not required jalti us, this is our choice – vauhti. Zaspivala we had something fun, jitter. I, of course, her biggest needs at the heart of a residential psnak. Schob stench sounded to SolDat I panali battle spirit.

– Until the day of volunteers on 13 March VI wykonali last March ukraïnskoï an automated workplace . ” ) planute comfortable on Demba CLP s Kraski rock wykonawcy. Z Kim?

– Viskova song Storyville for March. Spodvigla, us Qiu pisnyu has vdastsya Studio LP. Navkolo ne vzhe Ob dnaase duzhe bagato wykonawca: bassoon W “Dance on the Congo square”, Ivan lenyo Iz “Kozak System”, Thomas s “Mandru”, Sergiy Vasylyuk, Taras Chubai, Sergiy Zhadan, Sashko Polozhinsky, Taras Kompanek, Yuri Zhuravel. Mi zaspali choir. Spodvigla, viyskovim won bude to DOS. Wavlet in an automated workplace . . do marsyouth pid radensk songs.

– VI I. vashi colleges sdite vistupali z concerts before became ATO, and a large number of Ukrainian wykonawca take part in the concerts in Kreml. TSE is valid in umovah wine?

– Do not judge, I sodimy not be. TSE HNA right h dialogue s Soweto. The stench so bacati world… Techne, wine not bacati. Perhaps, the stench bacati his future in nsomo in. Ale viyna in principle yde same for the future. Mi bacimo ukraïnsku, provadijska, progresivo Ukraine. Someone bachit Malorosy and htos General Ukraine is not bachit. And Comus CCAW tilki money. TSE Ter motivation, Yak stowa people on pawn way. Hello I do not sasugay and, in principle, from komentaru strenuous. Better are Robit your right, I dogoditi innocence Ref, not words. And, by the way, Ukrainians turbousa about those hto there Spa in Russia, but thus weak men on their concert of Ukrainian artists.

– Yak vtrata rosijskogo rinku hit on Ukrainian artists?

– Patna. General blsu number koncertu we grali same in Russia. I latest Concerto zhrali there in the dead of 2014.

If the rosiysky rinku yea?

– Evropeisky market, but unfortunately, pokey VIN is small, TSE Ukrainian Diaspora.

– View from the past year in NERV ve said: “Donbas, of course, turn in Ukraine and Krim, likely, ottima status napuntahan territor, Yak bude tsno spitritual s with Ukraine. Nacse not viive. Ukraine Nikoli the krimchane not prebaciti. Ukrainians rosani not, stink not yourself asuvate NAV”. Promontoire your quote for that year. Yakscho vie for povernennya Krim to Ukraine, let them and on Pivnich umovah, ale say, that Ukrainians are not probachte the krimchane trade, navso TSE all? Navso spitritual, if pomiritsya, your thoughts, unrealistic?

– If mi Citaro interv Yu, VI povinn razumeti scho maєte the right s interpretacje, better chuti chat MOV, then zrozumilo scho lyudin small on Uvas. Sens polega have to scho a difference mizh Tim, chogo I want, I Tim Yak naprawd, I think Buda. I would, for example, hotv dwellers Ukraine Bula rich I rosinen, Yak OAU, but I don’t think scho TSE wide Shvidko. I want dwellers cream PDR Ukrainian, but pokey is not Baciu, scho TSE mozhlivo. I think Krim push stroke trivago hour bude newsnano territory, Yak Pridnestrov me. Ale in maibutnyogo, if Rosiya vzhe not smoge investovat in cream, then cream bude zmuszeni tsno spitritual s with Ukraine.

Rosani zrobili him are many unkind people. Swede h I hate to vsih autocracy. Just nutrio stink accuvote provino, Yak zaglushit Agricu. I I agresja – TSE glybine vdott provini, Yak not usual.

With Cream or without cream, ale bude Ukraine nnovati I procurati. And the axis Krim bude skladisce. The krimchane dovedetsja to do the svy choice I usvit pomilki. And to do TSE is not easy, and the hour I nemozhlyvo.

And Donbas?

– Z Donbas NSA history. Spodvigla, VIN to dosit Shvidko the camp of the Ukrainian. I mi atrimana territor, yaki treba bude vbnewline s pure Arcos. Pam I remember, if fell berlinska STN, Yak budowlana Shana Germany – TSE Bula suzina Zabudova. View processes bude, perhaps, vdevice I in Donbas, Yak tilki svilenitsa territory.

Us ukraintsam, neatly understand, scho Western world much Varanasi from here. Mi zhivemo in duzhe specifca in. Slomo in duzhe bagato pennies, and we mzero little. Yak tilki splitlevel the situation in Ukraine put seriesn investitsiï. I nvestors for the situation, if country pochine pcnsacola I znahodytsya in perechea period. From taqiy country can Shvidko zarplati money. I in the first cargo, I think, investitsiï put on Skhid. Yakscho TSE will become to, then Donbas bude vbnewline, and mi sche we will in CIV, zastiti Yogo dynamic development and progression.

Yak VI stavitsa to scho SBU zaboravila V SD rosiysky ucenic Verbazende Samoilovi in Ukraine? I Chi wypadkowe Rosiya, to your look, versile depravity before. same artist of s obmezheniy mozliwosciami?

– General-I’m a rocker I don’t waiau Verbazende seryoznym entering musicname plan. Ukrainians nosyatsya s Probachennja Yak s written sack… S side Russie TSE CCB genolini HD. Probity on just. Really, the stench of vibrat simpatico ducio, s obmezheniy mozliwosciami. Hawley, yaky steric bilise the mass media that rosiyski gladac: Yak could ducent taqiy – I zaboroneni V SD. Meni telefonoval I s rosijskogo of radio and television, I prokomentiroval dwellers Tsey moment. Ale I to tsogo naprawd niyak niyak not stablise I don’t comentou. All TSE is one big provocation. Do you know all this vcni debate Ukrainy z Rosy – TSE klasicni dialogue ntent s boor in the public transport. Ham to grobanite I hulganisti and telet tilki protera okulary I bespalatno agrissa. Pokey telet not PDE to judo I don’t Nada the dome chamov, Tsey debate bude trivati, and not on’na koryst humansa.

– Question chitacha: Chi mozhna ZnO on why ticket to the festival Kraina Mriy to do more affordable? WSU family u not it turns you Deposite. Moreover, scho duzhe all so expensive I don’t especially resonance, shte th pricey vhid. The festival is right potrebna, and good scho VIN#. Pirogovo – prekrasne the meeting place, ale duzhe dorog receipts.

Festival – road thing. Competently I profesine chotoviny muzichny Zahid costo sotn thousand dollars. A ticket to the festival Kostova, Momo, 200 UAH, and tsogo not dosit dwellers, okupita bitrate. On evropeiskii festival podbrege rvne receipts of $50-100. Z mom festival situation ciogodnichnyu day pesimestic. I do not mozhu poobah, that this year will be the festival Kraina Mriy. Without Patrice ukraïntsiv I Yogo to do, surely, not smogu. People need not just a bootie then spozywczymi and spaventarti of the call. On ciogodnichnyu day music festival in Ukraine transformability in Nalivaiko I fudkorte. Bezkoshtovne vhid, reklamn animats small sponsors, amatorski vistupi Colectivo, and the festival poverty svoï money on g. Just postaviti column I, prodavati shashliki – TSE Vigano, ale netcabo.

Oleg Skripka: Vdbase poslan blockade ukraïnskoï music 29.04.2017

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