In China were deprived of their licenses or closed more than 13 thousand sites over the last three years in connection with various disorders. It is reported Xinhua.

“In 2015, the State Chancellery Internet information and other departments held discussions with the owners of more than 2,200 sites where breaches were identified, more than 13 thousand sites were deprived of their licenses or closed”, – stated in the message.

The report of the ruling party, which was presented on Sunday, tells of the various campaigns that were conducted “to combat illegal content on the Internet”.

Blocking the sites is carried out in China according to the cybersecurity act, which entered into force on 1 June this year. It is noted that “illegal content” is information that threatens state security, calling for terror and violence, pornographic materials, and more.

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Over the past three years, China has blocked more than 13 thousand sites 24.12.2017

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