PACE adopted a resolution, which theoretically could open the way to changes in regulations that will allow you to return to the meeting room of the delegation of the Russian Federation. About this on his page in Facebook said the head of Ukrainian delegation Volodymyr Ariev.

“PACE adopted one nepriyatnogo resolution, which in theory could open the way to changes in the regulations, to return to Russia. And maybe not open. But we, Georgians and North of the country was against it. Was it only because the documents are General things in the Assembly are much easier than with concrete. And if in the future the delegates will propose to adopt the mechanism, which will be the real road map for peremptory return RF, then this PACE will be perceived very, very differently,” wrote Ryan.

“Well, in Polydome Goncharenko and Ungureanu held the amendment in which the involvement to work together in the Assembly should be based on responsibilities and implementation of resolutions. And RF is never fulfilled,” he added.

According to the MP, the only mechanism for the return of the Russian Federation are the specific changes to the regulations. “Still about that it was not,” said the Ariev.

According to the European truth, a draft resolution prepared by the next President of the Assembly Michele Nicoletti.

The publication reports that almost all the amendments proposed by the Ukrainian delegation was rejected. “Including the text of the decision remained the norm that the PACE and the Committee of Ministers (the Executive body of the Council of Europe) must “harmonize the rules for the participation and representation of member countries in both statutory bodies”, – is told in the message.

A specific mechanism for the implementation of the new regulations may be developed governing bodies of the PACE in the coming months, says the EP.

On October 10, Aryev said that at the meeting with the group of the European people’s party Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland allegedly urged parliamentarians to take steps for the return of the Russian Federation in PACE. “We came up with the COE Secretary General and openly stated that after the refusal of Russia to do the membership fees the organization has two choices – to keep valuables or to keep the Council of Europe”, – claimed the Deputy.

Press Secretary of the General Secretary explained that Jagland at a meeting with members of the parliamentary Assembly of the COE on 9 October really talked about the need to return to the PACE of the Russian delegation, however, is not subject to the payment of Moscow’s membership dues to the organization.

PACE adopted the “nopretense” for us, the resolution of the Aryans 12.10.2017

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