Ukraine needs to provide defensive weapons. This was announced at the 13th annual meeting of the Yalta economic strategy the former Minister of defense and former CIA Director Leon Panetta, the correspondent

Talking with Putin is possible only from a position of strength, he said.

“Putin said to Bush that he considered the Ukraine part of Russia, and he will try to get the Ukraine… Ukraine needs to increase, to strengthen the government, the economy, and strengthen the army. I hope US and NATO help her in this. I would also provide defensive weapons to Ukraine to give Russia a clear signal for attacks on Ukraine will have to pay,” Panetta said.

He explained that the President of the aggressor country, as a former KGB agent, is very suspicious of the USA (and it’s mutual). For Putin, the collapse of the Soviet Union the biggest geopolitical catastrophe, as he repeatedly said. Therefore, all his actions are aimed at restoring the influence of what was the USSR. To do this, Putin is using and cybertechnology, because this weapon of the future, Panetta noticed.

He cited three conditions for the successful confrontation of Russia. First, a strong army, and secondly, a strong diplomacy. “I have great respect for John Kerry, but he often talks without sufficient leverage,” said former U.S. Secretary of defense. The third condition is a strong Alliance of States around the world.

Panetta: Ukraine needs to provide defensive weapons 17.09.2016

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