The richest people of the world to hold offshore around 8 trillion euros. This writes the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, citing the so-called Paradise Papers (Paradise Islands), which were published by the International consortium of investigative journalism.

Rich people “parked” in tax havens 7.9 trillion euros. The materials of the investigation said that more than 600 billion euros per year are moved by multinational corporations using tax havens. The German newspaper notes that these funds would be enough to feed over 61 years who are suffering from hunger in the world, to give every person on Earth for 1 thousand euros, to send at least 4.5 years to school children who do not have access to education.

5 Nov 400 journalists from 67 countries simultaneously published incriminating materials on offshore and financial mismanagement of politicians and officials at various levels within the project Paradise Papers or Documents to the Paradise Islands. Information published on the website of the International consortium of investigative journalism.

In the spring of 2017, the authors of the project Panama Papers, members of the International consortium of investigative journalists together with the Center for investigations of corruption and organized crime gained access to new documents and collected data about the owners of offshore companies from 20 jurisdictions, which are located mostly on exotic Islands.

Journalists revealed the new schemes of evasion politicians from paying taxes, after analyzing approximately 13.4 million secret documents. The leaked documents are assumed to have occurred from a legal firm Appleby in Bermuda, dealing with the offshore.

Paradise Papers: the super-rich hold in offshore 8 trillion euros 06.11.2017

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