Parliament approved the reform of education. For the education act 3491-d as a whole voted 255 deputies, the correspondent of

School returns on 12-year education. The financing of education will be at 7% of GDP.

Provided that governments create the conditions for the education of those with special or individual needs. If necessary, should be created inclusive or special groups and classes.

Schools, universities, and other institutions that receive public funding have to publish on their websites information about the receipt and use of funds.

Kindergartens, schools, universities are financed by the state and local budgets and other sources not prohibited by law. The state finances the education of persons with special needs.

On the language issue, the deputies agreed that the representatives of national minorities can receive education in their native language along with the state in preschools and in elementary school. Indigenous peoples in pre – school institutions and secondary schools. The next stages of learning provides the opportunity to study the language of the indigenous people or minorities as a separate subject.

Earlier it was reported that at the morning session, the deputies have not found the compromise on the language issue in the education act.

Parliament approved a return to 12-year schooling 06.09.2017

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