In the early parliamentary elections in Iceland’s center-right coalition lost the majority. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

“After counting all votes it has become obvious that the coalition of three parties – the left green Movement Social democratic Alliance and the Pirate party – contrary to preliminary information, is not gaining the necessary majority of the 32 mandates”, – stated in the message.

Only the Parliament of Iceland consists of 64 members. It is unclear who exactly will form a new government.

The most votes, 29% scored conservative independent party of the incumbent Prime Minister of Bjarni of Benediktsson.

“However, because of the scandal that led to snap elections, it could not negotiate with any other party about forming a coalition. In September 2017, after the ruling centre-right coalition was at the center of the scandal, Benediktsson was forced to dissolve the Parliament”, – stated in the message.

According to the publication, his father tried to remove from the special criminal registry information about a person, convicted for rape and has already served the sentence. The Bright future party has accused the independence party in an attempt to hide this fact.

29 October it was reported that the conservative independence party was in the lead on parliamentary elections in Iceland, gaining 25.5% of the vote.

Parliamentary elections: Iceland is waiting for change of government 29.10.2017

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