According to the position of Ukraine, the UN peacekeepers should go to the Donbass only after Russia pulls out all his weapons and mercenaries. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, reports UKRINFORM.

“That is, we must not leave any loopholes so that Russia could use this situation to further distortion of the logic of the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass. And it lies in the fact that Russia, with all the weapons and mercenaries to leave Donbass, there must come an international component, and, accordingly, begin a transition period to Donbass one hundred percent back in the Ukrainian legal and not only legal space”, – said Klimkin.

The Minister stressed that there can be no question of legitimizing Russian protectorate and territorial limitation of the mandate: it should cover the whole beyond the control of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

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Klimkin also said that the draft resolution does not specify the mandate of the mission, and is the starting point.

“It (the resolution – ed.) will contain request to the UN Secretary General to send a mission, which will be determined by the parameters, conditions and many things the future of the peacekeeping mission and report to the Secretary General who will then submit the report with his proposals to the security Council,” – said the Minister.

He recalled that the Russian draft resolution on the peacekeepers have already been submitted, but the support it had no effect. However, the rush to serve the Ukrainian project without the support of all parties – not at all, said Klimkin.

Earlier today it was reported that the Russian draft resolution we are talking about the introduction of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass for a period of six months after the withdrawal.

Peacekeepers will go to the Donbass only after the withdrawal of troops of the Russian Federation – Ministry of foreign Affairs 14.09.2017

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