The desire to be perfect, inability to stop in an attempt to “achieve perfection”, in a word, all that is meant by the term “perfectionism” can kill. To this conclusion came scientists from the University of Ontario. The results of their study are published in the Journal of Personality, reports Medportal.

The researchers analyzed a large volume of reports and research psychiatrists and psychologists for 50 years. In the course of work were taken into account data from more than 11700 patients. The aim of the study was to determine whether perfectionism contribute to suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior.

Consideration was given to different types of perfectionism, including “focused on myself”, “other-oriented” and “socially prescribed”, including “parental pressure” or “pressure of society” as a whole (“self-orientedperfectionism”, “other-orientedperfectionism”, “socially prescribed perfectionism”).

By analyzing these data, the researchers found that 13 of the 15 different subtypes of perfectionism demonstrated a consistent Association with frequent suicidal thoughts. At the same perfectionism that is associated with the fear of “not live up to expectations of others,” showed the greatest frequency of suicidal thoughts.

“Perfectionists – the worst criticism for ourselves. Typical perfectionist every time “locks itself” in an endless cycle of new goals, which he puts in front of him. Moreover, each unattainable goal is just another reason for frustration and suicidal thoughts,” the researchers note.

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The results confirm the initial assumption that people with high levels of perfectionism, apparently, think, behave and build their relationships with others in ways that have consequences suicide.

This conclusion is consistent with previous studies of the psyche of suicide or persons who made repeated attempts to do so. So, in the course of investigation of the Department of health, state of Alaska researchers interviewed friends and relatives of those people who recently committed suicide. More than half of the suicides were described close as “perfectionists”. With regard to gender distribution, the study showed that perfectionists suicide is much greater among men.

Research shows that perfectionism can be one of the most serious causes of the increasing number of suicides.

Scientists believe that we need to examine more closely the relationship between the pursuit of excellence, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. According to the researchers, it is necessary to develop ways to recognise perfectionism and time to rein him in.

Perfectionism may lead to suicide – study 08.11.2017

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