A container of leaflets with a personal number by Dmitry Utkin (М0209), said security forces arrived in Moscow on the eve of the birthday of Vladimir Putin on 7 October. At the same time in Kiev the same flyers were posted in public places. It was a signal to the Kremlin: in the hands of the Ukrainian security services – secure information, the access to which can only be obtained while in Moscow. In fact, the war intelligence to the next level. In addition to the destruction of the physical – you can argue exactly who destroys the leaders of the militants – important war information symbols. In 2015 the Ukrainian security services from billboards congratulated the traitors in Crimea. And in 2017 congratulated Putin personally – published data, more than 1,500 mercenaries of his secret army.

In the ranks of the company Wagner – about 5 thousand people. A full-fledged, well-paid wage formation, the members of which are ready to execute the orders of the Kremlin, anywhere in the world. Among them there are Ukrainians, including Donetsk and Lugansk. One of the conditions of the contract with PMC – the return of the corpse of the home is not paid. But pay personal mercenaries Vladimir Putin enough to make wonder what crimes they have to implement. All that is known about the personal army of the Russian President – in the material LIGA.net.

Dmitry “Wagner” Utkin

Your Callsign Dmitry Utkin was allegedly chosen because of sympathy for the ideas of the Third Reich: a favorite composer of Adolf Hitler was Richard Wagner. Utkin was born in 1970 in Asbest, Sverdlovsk region (Russian Federation), in childhood lived in the village of Smolino Kirovograd region (according to another version, in this village he was born) and at age 17 back in Russia.

Studied in school №2 in Smolino. The headmaster at the time, refused to communicate with journalists, from guessing which one of her students will be discussed. As the Censor wrote.no, in this village once lived with his mother and son. Utkin grew up without a father. Ex-wife also refused to talk to journalists. According to the SBU, in the village Wagner was born another child – the illegitimate daughter, who now lives in Russia. After school Utkin went into the army, then entered the military school in St. Petersburg.

Wagner participated in the first Chechen campaign, and then commanded a military unit on the border with Estonia. Close to the Kremlin Newspaper.ru spotted one of the ex-wives of Wagner. However, there is doubt that this work is the fruit of the labor of journalists. Anyway, she said that Utkin “fought in Chechnya’s violent and it was there that he received his first award”. “The militants captured a Colonel, and he and his men repulsed. He does crazy,” – said the woman Utkin cut off communication in the early 2000s.

According to the alleged ex-wife, Utkin “very heavily adapted” to civilian life in a military unit. “And was terribly worried not at war. He wanted a military career – a career military officer, and not wiping the pants in the staff,” she said. The reason for the separation from her husband the woman named strong influence on the final match of his matter, with which “he even spoke in a whisper”. The mother Utkina, told reporters as residents Smolin – a native of the Urals, “a strong and powerful woman”, was very proud of his son, who will go there where I say “uncle Vova” – Vladimir Putin. “She says that everyone earns as is able to earn. So I traded, someone bakes bread, and he fights”, – told reporters a resident of Smolino who personally knew the mother of Utkin.

According to the villagers, Utkin many times come to Smolino. Including allegedly in 2016. In state frontier service information to journalists didn’t comment. Last week, responding to questions, the head of the security service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has informed that is not true. “The information is not confirmed. Confirmed the fact of his visit to Ukraine in 2013. It is also established that his mother in 2016 he went to Russia,” he said.

Following the appointment of Utkina – in the ranks of the PMC Moran security (according to others, he was a mercenary PMC Slavonic Corps) in Syria. Because Russia at that time had not officially participated in the war, the Kremlin used the semi-legal private military companies. After Syria Utkin has created his own private military company and appeared again in Ukraine, according to the SBU in 2014.

For “work in the interests of the Russian Federation” – the seizure of Crimea, the murder of Ukrainians in the Donbass and the war on the side of the dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria Utkin and his deputies were awarded at the Kremlin with orders for courage and the title of hero of Russia.

Photo: press service of the SBU

In June 2017 the US imposed against Utkin personal penalties for “participation in actions or policies that threaten the peace, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine”, “for direct and indirect action on behalf of PMC Wagner.”

Private army of Putin

Private military company – this is a semi-paramilitary organizations, which are formally granted to the state security services or support. Such companies are used by many countries. In Russia, the main mercenaries PMC Wagner.

Journalist of the Russian newspaper Fontanka Denis Korotkov collected information on the Wagner militants fighting in the Donbass and Syria, in the course of the year. According to the journalist, these articles about him even received threats. He paints a portrait of the average vagnerova: “a Man aged 35 to 40 years. Born, most likely in the traditional “Cossack” regions. Or in the former Soviet Republic, where, after the collapse of the USSR ethnic Russians were having problems. He has secondary education, and in some cases higher, but almost always there is no work in the specialty. At the time, he went through military service in internal troops, in the landing, where he used his passion for melee combat or a fight. Most likely, he remained in the army under contract, but for some reason was forced to leave to the citizen. And found a cashier in the store the taxi driver, the guard, and then was unemployed. He is almost sure to have the experience of “hot spots”, often – Chechnya”.

Formally PMC Wagner does not exist and is not connected with the military leadership of the Russian Federation. In 2016, the state Duma adopted the law designed to legalize the PMC. But the document does not work. Private armies remain outside the law, it allows Putin to control them to bypass the law. “PMC Wagner project of the Russian special services. This approach allows the Kremlin politicians to say that they did not send anyone anywhere”, – explained in SBU.

In December 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported that the creation of the group has a direct bearing close to the head of the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin – restaurateur, which Russian media called “Putin’s cook”. He is likely the founder and “mastermind” PMC Wagner. In 2010 at the opening of his plant personally came Dmitry Medvedev and restaurants Prigogine serve, including the current head of the Russian Federation. But most of the money, as suggested by the SBU, taken from the state budget. In the Ukrainian secret service said that spending on national security and law enforcement closed part of the budget of the Russian Federation over the past year increased from 32% to 38.3%. “It is, in fact, the financing activities of atamatov,” – said the head of the SBU the Hrytsak. Armed with PMC Wagner, according to intelligence agencies – Grads, D-30 howitzers, tanks.

Based group of Wagner in the village of Molkino in Krasnodar region, at the site of the 10th brigade of special forces of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Federation. According to the SBU, among vagnerova 95% Russian citizens. It is known that in the PMC there was a unit of the Carpathians, late – Spring unit, which includes about 40 Ukrainians. Mercenaries – sabotage in Ukraine. In the group of Wagner also there are about 100 citizens of one of the Balkan countries.

One of the militants PMCs involved in the fighting in Palmyra, told reporters the New paper that Ukrainians and citizens of other countries among many sent to Syria: “They (Ukrainians – ed.) Wagner do a lot. Yes, there are all kinds of people. In our company was a “citizen of the world”, served in the French Legion. He was there at Palmyra, by the way, brother-met”. According to mercenary, two Ukrainians from his platoon were killed in Syria.

PMC Wagner in Ukraine and Syria

The group of Wagner, according to the SBU, the implementation of the orders of the Kremlin to destroy the Il-76, which killed 49 of the Ukrainian military assault on the airport Lugansk (in these operations, was attended by 72 Russian fighter Wagner), storm debaltseve Sanzharivka, Utkino – were involved in the 205 militants.

SBU has established the identity of the 1587 mercenaries. The control is performed using the first Deputy chief of the General staff of armed forces Nikolay Bogdanovsky. Another link between the Kremlin and Utkin – major General of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Nikiforov, who directly supervises Utkin, according to the secret service.

Photo: press service of the SBU

Ukrainian intelligence service also has information on the rebels that, with high probability, directly shot down Il-76. It is the citizens of the Russian Federation Gurulev Andrei Andreevich Lebedev and Andrey.

Photo: press service of the SBU

According to the SBU, the total number of PMC Wagner is about 5 thousand fighters, of which about 2.5 thousand are in Syria. One high-profile incident with the mercenaries group occurred recently. PMC mercenaries in the Roman city Gregory Turcanu, participating in the battles against the Syrian opposition, was captured. Later they were allegedly executed.

The Ukrainian special services had received recordings of telephone conversations of the leaders of the terrorists in the East of Ukraine, and also from Utkin Nikiforov and Deputy Troshev, who led vagnerovsky in Syria.

Troshev: the First task was set, in short, I leave him ago in Molkino, and there for all…

Utkin: has anything changed?

Troshev: No, just there on the spot need to organize, he said, “go in there and 3-4 days there to organize all…” He brings the wrong information, there is still the wounded are unable to comprehend. There the questions begin to ask: “where’s our 100 million? we have allocated 100 million total, prize, and you give 150 thousand”…So, someone went to such information.

Utkin: Where this information is gone? I such did not give to anyone.

Troshev: Well, that’s about what there is a question. We all came, and there Alexander to handle the situation and can not. So he says: “go there.”

Utkin: some Crap…

Troshev: So…what’s coming. You know, man?

Utkin: I’m nobody did not say anything. And this is where I don’t know. So a leak coming directly out of Molkino.

According to Pro-Kremlin Moskovsky Komsomolets, the contract vagnerova there are two points: not to talk about the service after coming home; in the event of death the return of “cargo 200” is not paid. The publication supposedly spoke with a certain Sergei, who “just over 30, from Donetsk”. “Our goal of the trip earnings. Without patriotism,” he said. For any violation of the terms of contact – fine. According to him, to recruit the ranks of the PMC Wagner in Donbass started back in 2014 for the Kremlin the idea of “salvation of the Russian world”, but Syria was still no one spoke.

“If you are in Donetsk now, you get 15 thousand rubles. Here (in Syria – ed.) they offered me 150 Grand a month, plus combat, plus the output and so forth,” said the mercenary. According to him, the head of the terrorist ISIS, they were paid for 5 thousand rubles on top, but then the “price dropped”. Obviously, trust of information advocates not. But in this way she served the Russian people.

Journalists of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta during the investigation found out that the structure of PMC similar full a deployed military unit. In addition to reconnaissance and assault teams, Wagner formed artillery battalion (about three hundred mercenaries in the three firing batteries of 100 people in each), tank company (about fifty people in three platoons, each of four tanks), reconnaissance troop (about 150 people), an engineering company (about 100 people), company (about 100 people), and staff and support units, numbering about 200 people.

SBU has prepared a Utkin suspicion in Commission of serious crimes. All information about mercenaries and PMCs to the international partners of Ukraine. “The private army of Putin can be used anywhere in the world,” I believe in the Ukrainian intelligence service, noting that Ukraine and Syria – not the last in the list. Moscow used to simulate civil and unleash a real war. So the new hot spot – as a new place of earnings for mercenaries PMC Wagner’s only a matter of time.

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Personal murderer Putin. What is known about the mercenaries Wagner 11.10.2017

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