General Director of pharmaceutical company Farmak Phil Zhebrovskaya decided to change the profile of activities and resign. She told about it in interview

“I made the decision to separate strategy and operations. There are daily operational work and thousands of tasks that must be performed. It depletes, the strategy remains little time. And the tablets has already reached the level when it is appropriate to seek an answer to the question as to what territories you want to achieve success? Where to develop production – only on the local market or on the world stage? It takes time, a fresh perspective, not clouded by daily concerns,” she said.

Zhebrovskaya announced that he would like to engage in strategic aspects of development of the company.

“To develop a strategy, decide what technology and products to buy, where and how to build the plant – a fundamentally different kind of activity. In this role I plan to stay,” she said.

According to her, this time the company has formed a Supervisory Board, which will include five members. “With me will have another two people who worked in the JSC Technical Director and marketing Director is also leaving his position. I hope our colleagues will choose me as Chairman of the Supervisory Board,” she said.

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On the question of who will become the new head of Pharmaco, Zhebrovskaya said that they will be people with experience in foreign pharmaceutical market.

“Therefore, invited for the post of the top Manager of the Czech pharmaceutical company Zentiva. After a few days he will begin work in dreams. It already awaits the team, and a separate office. For the new member of our team is the first experience of work in Ukraine; while he does not know neither Ukrainian nor Russian language, communicates exclusively in English. Name not yet disclosed”, she said.

Zhebrovskaya also said that he is not going to go into politics and teaching.

Phil Zhebrovskaya leaves the post of the General Director of the company Farmak 03.07.2017

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