In Copenhagen at a meeting of physicists was summed bet 16 years ago: American Nimes Arkani-Hamed solemnly handed over a bottle of brandy to my colleague Pole, Damgaard. About this case the Russian edition Мeduza.

In June 2000, 25 physicists made a bet that with future Large hadron Collider (LHC) confirmed the theory of supersymmetry. Scientists have filled in a table. Optimists were seven of us, pessimists – 16 people, two abstained.

All the participants bet a bottle of brandy 0.75 litres and cost no less than $50. Scientists had intended to meet after 10 years together and to drink for the loser. However, the TANK was delayed, which in 2011 was filled with a new table, and the cost of cognac increased to $100.

In the end, supersymmetry has not been confirmed, and 20 losers physicists “put down” to the winners. 22 August 2016, the physicists gathered in Copenhagen to end the dispute.

Watch 14:45:

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Physics lost cognac colleagues on bet Collider: video 26.08.2016

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