Several ways to check whether you are the victim of a processor of the pirates for covert cryptocurrency mining

The frequent cases of illegal mining, that is, when through malware resource of your computer, the attackers use for the extraction of capitalat lead to outrage users. We consider several variants of protection against covert mining.

To do this check using a Central processing unit (CPU) by opening the task Manager at the performance tab on your computer, according to Cointelegraph. If there is something that really sucks your processing power – it will quickly become clear.

A marked rise in the use of the CPU usage when you visit a particular website also is an obvious sign of running Javascript, which uses your computing power.

Thus, if all programs are closed but the CPU usage is still very high, may have a problem with malicious software (ON) for cryptoserviceprovider.

Ad blockers can help

Pirate mining can occur not only from visited sites, there were cases when the infected ads on websites has also led to this kind of piracy. Thus, running ad block can stop him.

ON for blocking ads can also filter the known types of scripts miners pirates. One of these scripts for mining is called Coinhive, but it is not necessarily malicious. Developer Coinhive condemned Showtime for the use of one of their Javascript without warning the user that they will be used for covert mining of cryptocurrencies.

Other malware

In addition to the legal software to pirated developments there are more sophisticated forms of malware that actively penetrate the system. They are delivered via infected image files, or after clicking the link leading to a malicious website.

If you have become subject to attack one of them, open task Manager and identify the process that consumes the major part of resource of your computer.

Recall that the tracker of The Pirate Bay put on their pages and software code that makes your users ‘ computers to mine crypto-currency.

In Ukraine, the sites,, and hidden mainile cryptocurrency Monero through the computers of its users

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Pirate mining – how not to fall into the trap of scammers 02.10.2017

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