Brussels needs to revive the EU’s Eastern partnership and through the project, not to cover possible adoption in the EU of new member countries, which will demonstrate the success of the reforms. The Ministers of foreign Affairs of Poland and Sweden Witold Waszczykowski and Margot wallström said in a joint column for the publication EUobserver.

According to them, the Eastern partnership was established on the initiative of Warsaw and Stockholm in 2009 and marked “the convergence of the 75 million inhabitants” of the six post-Soviet countries with the EU, but after that progress slowed down. On the eve of the EU summit, which will take place on 24 November in Brussels, the authors want to propose a programme for further development of the Eastern partnership.

“We need to focus more on the needs of the people, especially the youth to greater results… we Need to ensure that ordinary people could feel the effects of any reforms,” they write.

Margot wallström and Witold Waszczykowski (photo – EPA)

According to the FMS, all the Eastern partnership countries should “carry mutual responsibility of partner countries for the fulfillment of its goals and priorities.” Waszczykowski and wahlström clarify: those countries that demonstrate the “big ambitions” should match its declarations of intent and to implement reforms to which they have subscribed.

“Georgia is a good example of this,” said they.

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“Poland and Sweden remain loyal to the idea of the Eastern partnership. And, as we have always stressed, the doors must remain open to the potential membership for those countries that are truly transformed,” – said in the article.

How to write foreign Ministers of the countries, they are convinced that the strengthening of relations between the EU and Eastern partnership countries will lead to improved quality of life “in our countries”.

Eastern partnership – the EU project for the development of relations of Brussels with six former Soviet countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus.

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Poland and Sweden: EU needs to remain open for the active countries 14.11.2017

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