A Russian citizen deported from Poland on suspicion of participation in a hybrid war against the country and contacts with the Kremlin’s security services. This is with reference to the channel TVP1 according to Niezalezna.

Russian Dmitry K. was expelled on the night of Thursday, October 12, at the request of the head of the Polish internal security Agency.

“The Agency has determined that the Russian was involved in the initiation and conduct of activities in the framework of a hybrid war against Poland. In addition, he maintained contacts with the special services of the Russian Federation”, – writes mass media.

It is noted that as cover Russians used a cooperation with the Moscow Institute for strategic studies. Using the status of the researcher, Mr K. was to establish contacts in academic and journalistic circles in Poland. The most activity he conducted in 2016-2017.

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As told the press Secretary of the Minister – coordinator of special services of Poland Stanislav Sharyn, among the areas which the citizen of the Russian Federation paid special attention, was of Polish-Ukrainian relations.

“He has worked to increase tensions, led a number of initiatives in the information campaign for Russia, stimulated and taken action which had to be presented as mass resistance to the law on the elimination of Soviet monuments in Poland”, – said the speaker.

In August 2017 in Poland, 30 km from the border with Russia was discovered damaged drone.

Poland has expelled a Russian because of his ties with the secret services of the Kremlin 12.10.2017

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