The militants of the terrorist organization DNR intend to give orphans in the occupied territories for adoption in families of the country-occupier. About this in his Facebook said the head of the Department of national police in the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin.

“Another initiative of the gang of the DNI is to give our orphaned children remaining in the occupied territory,” – said Abroskin.

According to him, allegedly, the initiative comes from the citizens of Russia and occupied Crimea.

“The terrorists and their Russian supervisors do not shun children unleashed their war. Naive baby showers are considered by them as a consumable to satisfy their ambitions. They not only because of them, hundreds of thousands of our children to become “children of war”, they want to destroy their future, educating and preparing for permanent war,” – said Abroskin.

He added that also under the auspices of the Orthodox Church Donetsk children taken to Russia for “military-Patriotic education”.

“Hitler youth” in the Russian manner. Instead of “Hitler” – operation “Droskovo leadership” and Russian curators, instead of “inferior race” – “Ukrainians, Bandera”. And the process occurs under cover of the Russian Orthodox Church,” – said Abroskin.

According to him, the consequences of this occupation, Ukraine will be felt for decades. “Propaganda treatment in the DNI shall be made for all, including kids. Our children brought up in love to his neighbor, and prepare for war. Proof – military camps, using military uniforms in kindergartens, meetings with heroes of the militia,” – said Abroskin.

In some schools of the occupied Lugansk, according to ЛІГА.net during the school year were held round tables and meetings with the Pro-Russian mercenaries. “Several times we urged teachers to come to these meetings, where we listened to stories about the Nazis and punishers” – said ЛІГА.net a graduate of one of the schools in Allen.

On 9 July it was reported that Moscow was organized for students from the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions 18-day military training of military-sports training camp Guard in the town of Kstovo in Nizhny Novgorod region, Russian Federation.

Police: militants want to give orphaned children for adoption in Russia 19.08.2016

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