A year later, the presidency of the American leader, Donald trump the trust of the people in 134 countries to the United States fell from 48% under Barack Obama to the current 30%. This is evidenced by the results of sociological research conducted by the American Institute of public opinion Gallup.

Now above US in the ranking of global leadership is Germany with an index of 41% and China with 31%.

Russia is in fourth place (27%).

The leaders of the rating of States with questionable leadership in the world – the United States (43%), Russia (36%), China (30%) and Germany (25%).

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“While promoting us influence – one of the four pillars of the new strategy of national security of the US Administration – may begin with the creation of wealth and influence at home, as stated by trump, this is impossible to achieve without a strong commitment and close cooperation with partners and allies abroad. It is far too to talk about what brought the presidential position of trump with his “America first” in foreign policy – success or failure, however, as seen in trends in the relationship of the world to the United States, many of allies and partners that the administration, trump said “great power” exposed to risk”, – concluded the sociologists.

The survey was conducted in the period from March to November 2017 among 1,000 people in each of the 134 countries or territories.

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