Pope Francis has decided to ban duty free shops and supermarkets to sell cigarettes to employees of the Vatican, despite the fact that the state receives annually about 10 million euros of profits from the sale of tobacco products. Reported by the AP.

It is reported that Francis took the decision because “the Holy see cannot contribute to activity that is clearly detrimental to the health of the people.”

However, it is known that the sale of cigarettes brings in approximately 10 million euros per year to the Vatican and are the second most important source of income after tax-free sales of gas.

In its statement, the Vatican noted that “no profit can be legitimate if it puts lives at risk”.

The Agency notes that the Pope does not smoke, however, have the habit, many of his advisers.

Recently, the School of medicine at Stanford University published the results of studies showing that marijuana users have 20% more sex than abstaining from the use of this drug.

Pope Francis is forbidden to sell cigarettes to employees of the Vatican 09.11.2017

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