The conversation of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov with President Petro Poroshenko went on the raised tones. Avakov, absolutely convinced that the detention of the son is personally the head of state demanded an explanation. Poroshenko in response was assured that has nothing to do with this. Moreover, the President has expressed support for the Minister, said that everything is a “provocation” and he was genuinely “outraged”.

Before that, one of the last conversations the two politicians have been swearing: the interior Minister, according to his entourage, flatly and rudely refused the offer of power dispersal of protest actions under the Verkhovna Rada. To the President such a request Poroshenko deny: the President allegedly never demanded to disperse the people, but merely asked the Minister “to do their job, what the interior Ministry are unable to do or in the case of a breakthrough of the state border, nor with the unrest in Central Kiev”.

Anyway, but both the first and last conversation once again widened the Gulf between the two coalition camps. And if talk of a single political party still continues, rather, only by inertia. “We will look at what is happening in the Buddhist,” said the Minister commenting on the situation with my son.

All the details of high-profile cases – in the material

“He you that, Rosenblat?!”

On the morning of 31 October, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has announced that relieves the interior Ministry forces armed protest near the Parliament – to spend public resources and “keep on this stuff” the police do not intend to. In the afternoon of the same day, investigators of the National anti-corruption Bureau raided the apartment of his son Alexander Avakov in Kharkov. In Kiev, meanwhile, arrested Avakov Jr. and former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar. Both announced their suspicion of embezzlement of public funds in the purchase of backpacks, the Ministry of internal Affairs. The third defendant arrested in Kharkiv, Volodymyr Lytvyn, whom the media associated with the manufacturer of the most controversial backpacks. It was supposed to deliver in Kiev, handing the suspect and then in court all three of them to elect a measure of restraint. But yesterday didn’t come to court. However, the investigation generally has 72 hours to do this. “In Kharkov blockade of the detectives in the apartment by the police itself was not. The work of detectives is not blocked. But you saw what happened on the street,” said the source in NABOO.

In the public sphere, the scandal surrounding Avakov Jr. began last year when a video was published of the cameras from the office of the former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar. The video dates back to late 2014: people like Avakov Chebotar and discussed the dubious scheme and the purchase of backpacks for the National guard. The deal is 16.5 million supposedly held in early 2015 – two years ago.

The son’s detention was not surprised by the environment of the interior Minister. Arsen Avakov was fully aware of the consequences of the request to the NEB to transfer the case from the prosecution. As told interlocutors in law enforcement bodies, NABOO a few months preparing for the operation: was waiting for when all the figures will be in the country to hold them at the same time – that one didn’t run. “It’s full of n…n, – say, surrounded by the interior Minister. – No questioning, no challenge. It is you that Rosenblat? Especially dangerous criminal?!”.

However, it still raises the question of why case have set in motion just now. And ask such question, including opponents of the Minister.

“This is a criminal investigation NABOO lasts for a long time, – says the Deputy of BPP Sergey Leshchenko, actually representing the opposition faction of the President. Only question: why so long spectaculator not coordinated suspicion, and agreed to only when the conflict between Poroshenko and Avakov moved into the open phase. I think if we talk in terms of a conspiracy, there is the influence of the presidential Administration on SAP”. He Leshchenko is a frequent speaker NABOO and supports their investigations, including against Avakov Jr.

That story with backpacks appeared in NABOO yesterday, said the Deputy from BPP Vladimir Aryev. “It has long been known. And, as far as I know, the son Avakov still were not summoned, were not invited to testify. But immediately proceeded to mask show. In this case, because the case has long been at the hearing, I do not exclude that it is in a slightly different plane than a legal one,” said he

The relationship between Avakov, Poroshenko has deteriorated after the break through the state border of the former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. The President believed that the Minister of internal Affairs not specifically stopped by Georgian team. In this opinion he supposedly established after the October 17, police allowed the protesters to establish a tent city under the Rada.

“Avakov is older is pressure. You know that in the morning we removed the protection from the Verkhovna Rada, and dinner is a bust. Just like that? I don’t think. Remember, two years ago, the same searches were held a Korban when he disagreed with Peter. But that’s just my opinion,” said Advisor Avakov Eugene Terekhov.

This does not exclude some MPs from the popular front. “I think the situation around the son Avakov is that Avakov refused to use force against the protesters at the Verkhovna Rada and the police acted within the law without violating human rights. I am sure that that is not acceptable. So the answer was the pressure on his family in the case, which is known for a hundred years gathering dust on the shelf,” he recalled MP from the faction of the NF Nikolay knyazhitsky.

On the issue of how independently acting NABOO, knyazhytskyy said that “it is possible that this could be the President”. “I do not believe in the independence of the EMB in a completely illogical things,” he says.

“We do not believe him – says in conversation with one of the key leaders of the NF, the member of so-called “strategic” meetings with the President. And there are no coincidences. Synchronously open SAP case according to the first Deputy Petrenko Natalia Sevastianova. The case against Avakov Jr.- two. What is happening is the response from Plavy and Petit. One seeks revenge for the Georgians, the other – because he crossed the dispersal of the rally under the Verkhovna Rada”.

“If we were a big influence on NABOO, it would not be the case Nasirov and Rosenblatt”

Surrounded by Poroshenko assured that the President, who is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia, to the case of the son Avakov has nothing to do. Moreover, AP analyst Viktor Ukolov said that in recent years the relations Poroshenko and Avakov “buzzed”.

“I don’t see any voltage, at least the last month. Because in a situation when the protests began under the Verkhovna Rada, from which truth is then left 30 people, the government acted as a single organism. Was made part of the requirements, which can be performed. And if there were differences in approach, it would have immediately used the opposition”, – he said

To associate the Avakov Jr. with Bank – this is a mistake, he says. “If a presidential Administration can influence the actions of NABOO, that would never be cases against those politicians, who somehow can cast a shadow on the President. I mean the case against Roman Nasirov, Boris Rosenblatt. They wouldn’t exist. As my former boss, is an attempt to push nevpihuemoe”.

Shots offers to wait for the results of the investigation and I’m confident that Avakov Jr., they will end in the best way. “The fact that NABOO has opened a case against the son of Avakov is a shame. But I think it will be clear and it will remove the charges”, he added.

Avakov in his Facebook statement on the Poroshenko did not mention, but makes it clear he did not believe in the independence of the NEB and considers the political case: “I Think these bodies should not be influenced by political groups and interests.”

“All the procedures, intrigue, and attempts to pit one with the other, to shake my emotional stability and principles are useless. I have not exchanged and not exchanged on Resilovo neither its rules nor its principles,” – wrote Avakov.

The Role Of Saakashvili

Another version, which is discussed in the popular front – for case Avakov is a team of Saakashvili, supposedly originally hoped for the violent dispersal by the police of their actions under the Verkhovna Rada. Now his short – term objective is to loggerheads Poroshenko and Avakov, the long – to wreak havoc in the country.

“NABOO all taxis Uglava (first Deputy head of the NEB, a former Deputy chief Prosecutor of Georgia Gizo Uglava – ed). This is not news. Their goal is to undermine the situation until the election. Need chaos. That they provoked the police on the clashes. They did not work. Come from the other side. It’s obvious that these performers want to dig in. They don’t want to sit in a Georgian prison,” said one of the interlocutors in the popular front.

The same version live on one of the channels was sounded by the Deputy from NF, colleague Avakov Anton Gerashchenko. According to him, NABOO “is used in narrow political interests of a group of persons”, and in this case it is alleged the group of Poland, where “there is Uglava”. “He does not perform tasks of protection of the law of Ukraine on fight against corruption, and the problem of dealing with political opponents of Saakashvili,” – said Gerashchenko.

In both camps – NF and BPP – I do not exclude that interest to the NEB, and SAP still is, to show “at least some results of their activities.” The fact that on November 3 the planned meeting of the anti-corruption parliamentary Committee, which invited the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky and Director of the NABU Sytnyk. The topic – a report to the NEB on the work of anti-corruption bodies and enforcement the tasks in the first half of 2017.

But to show the report to the NEB, by and large, maybe a little. Despite several high-profile cases against politicians and deputies, including the coalition, to its logical conclusion, they have not been brought. Nasirov on the loose, and one of the defendants in Boryslav Rozenblat, nearly all flew abroad with jewels. And because new high-profile case in this situation – in the interests of NABU and SAP.

“I have heard that this is a special order NABOO against the interior Ministry in order to provoke some opposition. I honestly don’t believe it, ‘ said the people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Briginets. – But I think NABOO was beginning to falter. Time goes on, high-profile cases sold there, and the people who rushed to NABOO with a great opening, with hope, starts to say that NABU didn’t do anything. In this situation, the NEB is under a certain pressure of circumstances. And of course, they need a big case. I’m not talking about political order, and the option allow.”

What’s next

One of the most negative for power scenario – a complete break with the popular front faction of Poroshenko and the collapse of the coalition. The logical extension of this scenario – early parliamentary elections. The popular front without a single BPP with a party or a promising new platform is unlikely. According to a recent survey by the Razumkov Centre, rating NF is 2% (among those who will vote) – that is, in its current form, the party does not pass in Parliament.

“Can’t wait. To maintain the coalition – our conscious choices… Otherwise the coalition would have collapsed long ago,” said one of the interlocutors in the popular front, answering the question whether the situation with his son Avakov affect the disintegration of the parliamentary majority.

Besides, such a scenario would be consistent with the interests of Russia, reminiscent of the NF: “It’s something that is advantageous for Moscow. Chaos, the election (which is not the fact that you can spend in this madhouse – the attacks of the last time can seem like games on the Playground, imagine the polls) and weak power in Ukraine.”

According to interlocutors no meetings of the faction on this issue is not collected.

“Avakov and the collapse of the coalition? These issues are not connected,” – says the Deputy Leonid Yemets.

“Everyone needs to do their job. Policy, politics, law enforcement agencies – to conduct a systematic fight against corruption, organised crime and terrorist threat,” he added the Deputy head of the faction of the popular front Teeruk.

Knyazhytskyy said that the NF will not get involved in the political showdown, and the coalition for the faction will remain a priority. “If you stand on the issue of retention of the coalition and the non-admission of destabilization in the country, we will continue to be in the coalition, but will require execution of the Association agreement, further democratization, the abolition of selective justice,” he said.

In the aggregate these reasons, it is unlikely the dismissal of Avakov, Sr. from the position of Minister of internal Affairs, as required by individual political forces.

“I think that the political issue here is quite artificial, – said the Deputy of the PPB of the Aryans. – I understand why people front Avakov and make statements. But in a statement the issue was not about the political implications, consequences on the coalition and political cooperation in the parliamentary majority. Therefore, in this case, I believe these attempts to raise the question about the impact on coalition – speculation”.

“If I understand correctly the situation in the country and how I know Avakov, all this may not lead to any political outcome. I don’t see the opportunities that all this story has turned into something political,” – said the Deputy from BPP Briginets.

That coalition is not threatened, and say in the AP. Jabs considers that the scenario with the collapse of the coalition is not in the interests of the office Poroshenko. “So the investigation against Alexander Avakov, which can be used to destabilize the ruling coalition, profitable Bank. Because even if we assume in some kind of nightmare that Bank can influence, then it would have acted against their interests,” he said.

Regardless of whether to keep the coalition in its current format, the negotiators Poroshenko will now have to make more efforts to negotiate with the popular front, and the conditions of voting may be too new. And NF has already sent several recent signals to the Bank. The main message that addressed Poroshenko supporters of Yatsenyuk and Avakov: now they will vote for the anti-corruption court (in June the leader of the faction Maxim Bourbaki suggested not to waste time and instead of the court to create a house). “They are ready to vote, because the First against. They are now doing the opposite. In spite of Poroshenko”, – he explained the source in the faction of the BPP.

The second signal sent over the party’s information platform – the website of the channel espresso. MP kniazhytskyi has published the column “the President on two chairs. From the Vienna conspiracy to Avakov’s son” in which he accused Poroshenko agreements with Russia and try to establish a monopoly on power. “And this could be the greatest mistake of the President. Because to sit simultaneously on the Russian and Ukrainian chairs is impossible”, – the Deputy summarizes.

But the global resignation or reshuffling of forces to the calendar of elections of President and Parliament is unlikely to happen. In the interests of Poroshenko, Avakov, and other key figures in the government are still the same.

The sides close to the NEB, assure that the Office is independent in its activities. There I remind you that the detectives Bureau are frequent guests in both political camps, “once we evaluate it that way.” The reproaches of the opponents is that no business at Opposition bloc, the Ministry reminded that the most high-profile cases related to the ex-regionals, are the responsibility of the Prosecutor General, not NABOO. Including the most controversial, for example, the towers quickly. A recipe for “impeding the detectives NAB” in the Office for the record give one: “Stop stealing taxpayers ‘money”.

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Poroshenko and Avakov. Cracks at the seams, but the coalition remains 01.11.2017

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