President Petro Poroshenko signed a Decree that approved the plan of carrying out multinational doctrines with participation of divisions of Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of our country and their participation in multinational doctrines outside of Ukraine in 2017. About it reports a press-service of the President.

According to the approved plan, January-December 2017 year to Ukraine for participation in multinational military exercises to allow up to 3,000 troops with weapons and military equipment, up to 6 aircraft and helicopters of the United States, and other countries – members of NATO and States participating in the programme Partnership for peace, for a period of 365 days.

In July – September 2017 in the framework of the Ukrainian-American exercises sea breeze-2017 Ukraine will come to about 2.5 thousand soldiers of the United States, other States members of NATO and States participating in the programme Partnership for peace with the weapons and military equipment, to 10 ships, 5 submarines, 10 aircraft and helicopters, up to 60 units of wheeled vehicles. They will be located on the territory of Ukraine to 25 days in July – September 2017.

In addition, the Ukrainian-American exercises Rapid Trident-2017 will be held in June and November. They will participate to 2 thousand representatives of foreign armies.

Poroshenko instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to ensure the implementation of the signed order. Responsibility “for the preparation and holding in 2017 of the multinational military exercises on the territory of Ukraine, participation of Ukrainian armed forces units in multinational military exercises outside of our state this year,” rests with the Minister of defence.

The press service reported that Poroshenko signed a law on approval of the decision of the President of Ukraine on admission of units of armed forces of other States on the territory of Ukraine in 2017 to participate in a multinational exercise from January 19, 2017.

Such exercises are carried out taking into account the obligations of Ukraine in accordance with international agreements in the military sphere.

19 Jan 2017 the Verkhovna Rada has given its consent for the admission of foreign troops into the territory of Ukraine for multinational exercises in 2017.

Poroshenko approved the plan of carrying out multinational exercises APU 27.01.2017

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