President Petro Poroshenko eliminated the 117 district courts and established in their place 50 area. The corresponding decree №449 published on the website of the President.

In particular, eliminated all 10 district court of Kiev Pechersk Kiev, goloseevskij, Podolsk, Svyatoshinsky, Darnytskyi, Dnieper, Obolonskiy, Desnyanskiy and Shevchenko.

Instead, they created the First circuit court (the Desna and Dnieper regions), the Second district (Darnitskiy district), the Third district (caves and goloseyevskiy districts), Fourth (Sviatoshynskyi and Solomianskyi districts), Fifth (Shevchenko district) and the Sixth circuit court (of the Podil and Obolon districts).

Full list abolished and created vessels on the website of the presidential Administration.

Today Poroshenko also supported the proposal of the High Council of justice on appointment and the temporary transfer of judges. New post received 150 judges. Dozens of judges were transferred to the local courts, travel period up to six months.

Poroshenko eliminated 117 the district court and created a 50 area 30.12.2017

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