The Ukrainian authorities are ready to start peace dialogue with the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass under the condition of removing Russian troops from there. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko at the PACE in answering the questions.

The question of the responsibility of the President for the beginning of peaceful dialogue with the occupied areas of Donbass asked the head of the group of the United European left in PACE Tiny Kox.

“In 2014, you in this Assembly said that the only way out of the crisis in Ukraine is through peaceful dialogue. In 2015, you have confirmed it – a peaceful dialogue, there are no military solutions. It’s October 2017, and still peaceful dialogue in Eastern Ukraine. You accuse Russian Federation. And where is your responsibility in order to finally do what you promised to start peace dialogue with the citizens of your country to get out of this crisis?” asked Cox.

“Since our last meeting in 2014, Ukraine was liberated two-thirds of the occupied Donbass, and in any city or town in which there are no Russian troops, believe me, we have fantastic dialogue, we do not have any, the slightest, problem. We are investing heavily to renew infrastructure, with the help of our partners, of course. And every month I visit the Donbass, open schools, open bridges, roads… And we got fantastic dialogue. Can you imagine any dialogue in the occupied territories? The only condition for such dialogue is the removal of Russian troops. We have there does not exist any, even a small conflict. From the very beginning Russia said that we have a civil war there, and now we have evidence that they are present there…” – said Poroshenko.

“Once, there will be peacekeepers, will provide security, there will be the same situation as in Slavyansk, Lisichansk, Kramatorsk and other cities,” he added.

European United left – left political group in the European Parliament, whose members belong to different Communist, socialist and environmental parties in Europe. As of 2017 the number of groups in the European Parliament of 52 members out of 751.

Informed at PACE Poroshenko said that those States who by their actions questioned the universal values, there can be no compromise when it comes to the protection of democracy and international law.

Poroshenko said, why there is still no dialogue with Donbass 11.10.2017

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