Prosecutors no longer have the right to start pre-trial investigations against senior officials, judges and law enforcement officers – these powers have been transferred the state Bureau of investigation (UIR). The relevant provision of paragraph 1 of the concluding provisions of the Criminal procedure code, entered into force today, November 20, 2017.

In accordance with the document, the prosecution had the right to investigate untried RRT criminal offences before the commencement date of the new law enforcement authority, but not longer than five years from the date of entry into force of the current criminal procedure code (19 November 2012).

From now on, RRT is authorized to conduct an investigation against the ex-presidents, Prime Minister and government members, MPs, members of the CEC, the Prosecutor General and his deputies, leadership of the national Bank, the head of the NAB, other senior officials, as well as judges and law enforcement officers.

The Bureau has the right to investigate certain misconduct by employees of the NABU, the heads and prosecutors of SAP. In addition, the powers of the RRT is to investigate violations of the order of military service (military crimes).

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According to paragraph 1 of the transitional provisions of the CPC after November 20, 2017, prosecutors are previously initiated pre-trial investigation until they are completed, but no longer than two years.

In addition, today expiry of the term of office for the investigation of proceedings relating to the jurisdiction of the NEB and registered until December 2015. As stated in the anti-corruption Bureau, now the investigator needs to convey to the detectives about 3.5 thousand cases. In the NEB noted that the state anti-corruption body 200 of the detectives transfer to the Bureau such number of productions “would effectively stop all ongoing investigations by top corrupt”.

2 October 2017, the head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk said the high risk that after November 20 will not be able to open new criminal cases on crimes against participants of Maidan, as it is not created by the state Bureau of investigation.

16 Nov 2017 tender Commission for selection of candidates for senior positions in the state Bureau of investigation supported the candidacy of the Novel of the Pipe to the position of Director of the RRT. His deputies elected Olga Varchenko and Buryak. Approve recommended candidate for the position of head of the RRG needs the Prime Minister.

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Prosecutors have lost the right to start investigations 20.11.2017

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